Judicial reform is likely to be failed and we will get the old judges to the new courts — the lawyer Maselko

The openness of the contest to the Supreme Court turned out to be fictitious. On this edition of «GORDON» said a member of the Public Council of integrity (OSD) and the head of the Council of public control at NABOO Roman Maselko, commenting on the High Council of justice the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko submission on the appointment of the 111 Supreme Court judges.

«My assessment of the competition is extremely negative. Its essence was to update the courts, when the scoundrels, the people to whom you have a complaint the society had to go. This first stage was most important. From its results depends on whether the trust is to further the reform and trust towards the judicial system. And this first step showed that, most likely, reform will fail and we will get the old judges to the new courts. Maybe 10 percent will come from the side and fired 10% of those to whom you have a complaint,» said the source.

According to him, a particular concern is the fact that the High Council of justice (CSJ) did not listen to the public opinion.

«111 judges announced the winners. Of the 120 candidates, only two removed from the competition, even at seven the decision was postponed indefinitely. Removed only one judge that we made a negative conclusion. A number seven hit Victoria Macedonska. The judge, who during the Maidan refused to prohibit peaceful assemblies and wrote a separate opinion, why such decisions are illegal. She only found the strength to speak publicly. It has been some claim, we don’t know why she was not appointed. And, for example, judge Alexander Zolotnikov, which prohibits peaceful Assembly and lied in the Declaration of integrity, went to the Supreme Court. Don’t know how to explain it before the next anniversary of the Maidan. Such facts discrediting this competition fully,» said Maselko.

He noted that he doubted the advisability of further participation of public representatives in the selection process of judges.

«An important element of the competition was the openness. We really saw the online broadcast. It seems to be open. But the key issues are always resolved behind closed doors. A vote was held secretly for us. No one knows who voted for whom, no one knows the motives of a decision. In fact, openness turned out to be fictitious. Showed us just what not really affect the decision-making process, and most importantly hid. In the end of the 30 judges who received negative conclusion of the OSD, only one agreed to remove. And 25 judges has definitely gone to the Supreme Court. Then what is the meaning of the public? We just covered. These are my impressions, we will meet, will consider whether to continue further work, and make an official statement,» – said the lawyer.

On July 27, the Highest qualification Commission of judges of Ukraine defined winners of competition for the 120 posts of judges of the new Supreme Court. Information on these candidates, GSP was considered the 14th and 25th of September, and today, 29 September, recommended that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko 111 candidates for appointment to the post of judges of the Supreme Court.

The participants received vocational and psychological tests, examination of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, the National Agency for prevention of corruption and Public integrity Council.

July 31, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said that the integrity of some of the winners of the contest in doubt.

Judicial reform is likely to be failed and we will get the old judges to the new courts — the lawyer Maselko 29.09.2017

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