Judges who are accused of corruption, must leave the judiciary forever – Yatsenyuk

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that the judges accused of corruption or made an unfair decision, should leave the judiciary forever.

As reported in Department of information and communication of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, he said this in the program «10 minutes with Prime Minister».

According to Yatsenyuk, the economy can grow, and the country can have a democratic status under one circumstance – an honest, independent and uncorrupt judiciary.

He stressed that this has been done the first step passed the relevant amendments to the Constitution that the Parliament should adopt in the second reading.

«These changes mean that all Ukrainian judges must go through a process of fair re-evaluation. Those judges, who have any corruption charges or who made an unfair judgment, should leave the judiciary forever. And in their place have come the honest, young professional lawyers, who are in judicial robes will be judged in the name of Ukraine and in the name of justice,» he said.

For this, said the head of the government, the second reading must be submitted to the Parliament a new law on judicial system and status of judges.
«Therefore, the new Ukrainian judicial system will ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, protection of business and entrepreneurship and will provide the Foundation of democracy is fair and just court,» he said.

«Poverty and corruption are interrelated. Rigid and uncompromising struggle with corruption at all levels of government is a shared responsibility of the President, government, Parliament and all responsible political class of the country», — said Yatsenyuk.

Earlier it was reported that the re-certification of judges may start in September, subject to the adoption in the spring of amendments to the Constitution in terms of justice. This was stated by the head of the faction «Block Petro Poroshenko Yuriy Lutsenko.

Judges who are accused of corruption, must leave the judiciary forever – Yatsenyuk 15.02.2016

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