Judge Zvarych continues to «walk» again sent to KUAT

The Lviv district administrative court referred the case to the infamous judge Igor Zvarych for the consideration of the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine.

«Lviv regional administrative court decided to refer for consideration to the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine administrative case on the claim of Igor Zvarych to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The court’s decision can be appealed in the Lviv administrative court of appeal,» he noted, disclosing a sentence, judge Vladimir Sakalos, reports UKRINFORM.

Commenting on the decision, the plaintiff stated that he was not eager to return to the previous position, and all he wants is to recognize the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada from 2008 illegal. To society, it was clear that in December 2008 on the orders of the then President of Ukraine, head of the security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutor General of Ukraine and other persons had fabricated his case.

As said Zvarych, courts of different instances relocating his business from hand to hand like a ball. In particular, the Lviv district administrative court have already passed the case to the Higher administrative court of Ukraine. The decision was reversed, and the case was returned for consideration to the same court. Subsequently, the District administrative court of Lviv has submitted the case to the court of Chernigov, Chernigov, in the Supreme administrative court. It was almost 1.5 years, then went to the District administrative court of Lviv. So it «walks» for over eight years.

As reported, released by the «law Savchenko» the former judge Igor Zvarych appealed to the District administrative court of Lviv with a claim for moral damages and reinstatement.

Recall, December 2, 2008 the Prosecutor General filed a case against zvarycha a criminal case on the fact of receiving a bribe in especially large sizes, however, judicial immunity is not allowed to take the defendant into custody.

3 Dec 2008 the General Prosecutor’s office and the SBU carried out searches in offices and apartments of Zvarych and seven of his colleagues, during which seized $ 1 million and UAH 2 million. After that, the apartment Zvarych was conducted several searches and found more than 900 thousand dollars.

20 Sep 2011 the Obolon district court of Kyiv sentenced Zvarych to 10 years of imprisonment and confiscation of all property. In addition, Zvarych was deprived of the right to occupy any position in the courts and perform organizational and Executive functions in public institutions for a period of 3 years.

In January of this year, Zvarych was released.

Judge Zvarych continues to «walk» again sent to KUAT 28.11.2016

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