Jarosz decided to hold a referendum on distrust to the authorities

In war and crisis to retain power is becoming more difficult, and therefore to hold a referendum about mistrust of government right now there is no need. This was said in interview with Ліга.net the MP, a former leader of the «Right sector» Dmitry Yarosh.

«I have a feeling that 2016 will become for Ukraine a turning point. And to keep the statehood under such difficult conditions of war and economic crisis is becoming increasingly difficult. So to add fuel to the fire in such a complex referendum I would not want», — said Yarosh.

According to the former head of the Right sector, Ukraine needs a qualitatively new law on referendum, «and not the one that drew Andriy Portnov during the reign of Yanukovych«.

«The lawyers in my team, started working on a new draft law on national referendum. Held consultations with the parties «Freedom» and «Samopomich» in this regard. Perhaps this will be a joint work,» he added.

In July 2015, then the leader of the «Right sector» Yarosh said about the necessity of holding a referendum on distrust of power and the legalization of volunteers.

In December Yarosh has announced the release of the «Right sector» and the creation of a new movement. In «Right sector» claim that they failed to return jarosz «revolutionary road».

In January 2016 Yarosh founded a new organization — «the National movement dmitr Yarosh».

Jarosz decided to hold a referendum on distrust to the authorities 02.02.2016

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