Jaros opened a training centre «Ukrainian volunteer army»

The new training centre, built in Velykomykhailivka village of Dnipropetrovsk region, was opened by the commander of the Ukrainian volunteer army (UDA) Dmitry Yarosh. On 6 February, reports the information service of the National movement «DA».

«Due to the continuous stay in the zone of ATO volunteers carefully examine every inch of territory, weapons of the enemy and his tactics. And APU units do not have this possibility and it cannot effectively transmit information to the next group rotation. Thus, through the program of our training center we can effectively cooperate with the APU and increase the efficiency of all Ukrainian military units», — said the chief of staff of the UDA Sergei Ilnitsky.

According to informsluzhby, formed on the basis of the 5th separate battalion of the UDA training center will conduct the coordination of combat units, retraining and improving qualification of personnel, military-Patriotic education of youth and training of Junior commanders for the units of the UDA. Part of a well-trained recruits will remain to carry out combat missions on the front lines, while others will return home to structure in the field units of the territorial defence.

The campus facilities allow you to place the personnel in the amount of up to 300 people at a time. Total training for fighters UDA lasts about 30-40 days. After that, the recruits undergo combat coordination, get acquainted with experienced soldiers and learn from their experience. Program on Patriotic education of youth will last about two weeks.

Earlier, Yarosh said President Petro Poroshenko does not exclude the idea of creating a «Volunteer» or «reserve» army.

Jaros opened a training centre «Ukrainian volunteer army» 07.02.2017

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