Jaresko promises support to foreign investors

Investors who plan to invest in Ukraine or already doing, thus needing support from the Ukrainian government, can communicate their needs to the European Business Association (EBA), which in turn shall notify the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Jaresko. This was reported on the website of EBA in the social network Facebook with reference to the results of the meeting with Jaresko.

As noted in the message, as a result of constructive discussions, the Association came to the conclusion that the Finance Minister understands the importance of business support in Ukraine at the present time to restore and accelerate the growth of the economy.

In turn, Jaresko on her page on the social network Facebook said that it had received a great opportunity to give a clear signal about the willingness of the state to a permanent dialogue with entrepreneurs.

«For us it is very important to support the businesses that operate in Ukraine, and encourage new investment. This will allow us to secure early signs of recovery in the economy and accelerate economic growth. Thanks to the meeting organizers for the opportunity to discuss further steps to fruitful and close cooperation of government and business in Ukraine», — wrote Jaresko.

We will remind, the volume of direct foreign investments into economy of Ukraine (the share capital of non-residents) as at 31 December 2015 was $ 43,371 billion., what 2,373 bn., or 5.19%, lower than at the beginning of the year 45,745 billion.

According to estimates of the State statistics service of Ukraine reduction of investments for the year due to foreign exchange difference, whereby the share capital fell by 5,024 billion., while the outflow of equity capital was insignificant and amounted to 891,3 million, and received 3,764 billion. new investment.

Jaresko promises support to foreign investors 24.02.2016

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