Jaresko has assured that verification of social benefits is dangerous only for scams

Verification of social payments will not affect the payment of social allowances to people who receive benefits legally, so fear must first of all crooks.

About this in Facebook wrote the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Jaresko.

«Appeared in the media comments on what verification will have unpredictable effect to the payment of social assistance, that it threatened to such payments. It has nothing to do with reality. The only thing that «threatens» verification is the payments made in favor of the fraudsters, but on the cessation of such payments and the focus of this review. No risk to legitimate payments it shall not be,» wrote Jaresko.

Jaresko also noted that he hoped to take all the necessary documents for verification as early as next week.

«Unfortunately, at the last meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was not adopted several resolutions required for verification. This does not mean that now we will stop to insist that the Ministry of Finance must conduct a verification. I firmly believe that the Ministry of social policy, like any other Ministry which carries costs that can check whether it performs them. Therefore, we will work on finalization of all documents as soon as possible. We expect that will process all available key differences and the government will take the necessary resolutions as soon as next week», — said Yaresko.

We will remind that the Minister of social policy said that now is not a simple process of verification of benefits to single mothers. This benefit has received 600 thousand women. Now they are re-registered. According to estimates of the Ministry of social policy, to receive assistance at a higher rate will be about 400 thousand women.

Also note, according to official figures in Ukraine, the unemployment rate remains at 9%.

Jaresko has assured that verification of social benefits is dangerous only for scams 14.02.2016

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