Japan returns to nuclear power. One NPP is already buggy

The Japanese nuclear power plant «Takahama» in Fukui Prefecture was abnormally terminated, the reactor number four. The nuclear power plant workers had to resort to such measures because of a failure in the electrical equipment of the reactor, according to NEWSru.com citing Japan Today.

Operator station the Kansai Electric Power company said that on February 29, the reactor began to produce electricity. However, work prevented failure: the alarm went off, and the reactor was shut down in automatic mode.

The company emphasized that no problems with the cooling system of the reactor, which was restarted on Sunday, 28 February, no. Note that 20 February was fixed a small leak of water intended for cooling of the reactor. It was called not strong enough by tightening one of the bolts on the valve pipe.

Japanese authorities intend to restart 25 nuclear reactors, despite sharp disapproval from the public. For each of these, operators will need to comply with new, stricter security measures, reports BBC Russian.

Recall that on 29 January at a nuclear power plant «Takahama» earned the number three reactor with a capacity of 870 megawatts. He resumed work almost a year after it received approval from the nuclear regulation Committee of Japan, the inspection station for safety and security. He became the third reactor restarted after starting work in August and September of 2015 for two reactors at NPP «Sendai» in Kagoshima Prefecture.

After the accident at the station «Fukushima-1» in Japan were frozen 48 reactors, which decided to check on security. As a result of temporary rejection of nuclear power the Japanese government laid much of the responsibility for the electrification to the heat station. Before the accident at Japan nuclear power accounted for about 30% of the energy mix in Japan.

Japan returns to nuclear power. One NPP is already buggy 29.02.2016

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