January 21 the Kyiv minibuses will rise in price on the hryvnia

From January 21 to private carriers of Kiev will raise the price of travel in minibuses to the city for 1 hryvnia.

About it writes «Today» with reference to the utility service transportation capital.

«This is due to raising the minimum wage. With the carriers held talks at the management level of the city. Took a joint decision that from Saturday will rise in price travel on all buses by 1 hryvnia. That is, if the journey took 4, 5, 6 hryvnia, now he will become 5, 6, 7 hryvnia,» — said the head of public transportation Department of the KCSA Sergey Sauter.

It is noted that the bus, which recently raised prices on arrival, not more expensive.

According to carriers, the price rises because the increased cost of fuel and raised the minimum wage.

«The main reasons that contributed to the increase in the cost of travel, it’s raising the minimum wage, increase in fuel prices and the requirement of city authorities to replace the fleet, purchase of environmentally friendly transport is not below Euro-4 standard,» explained one of the capital carriers.

At the same time in KP «Kyivpastrans» I assure you that travel in their buses on 39 routes, while will not go up.

Recall that in late 2016, it was reported about the rise in price of journey in minibuses Kiev. Commuter carriers explain the rise in the cost of fuel and spare parts. And Kiev say they have adjusted prices due to changes in prices in commuter buses.

January 21 the Kyiv minibuses will rise in price on the hryvnia 20.01.2017

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