January 12. Press review. Goodbye Obama and the first press conference trump

Over the past eight years, the United States became silnee. This was stated by the 44th President Barack Obama during his recent speech to fellow citizens as head of state.

Farewell speech Obama made at the Convention center at McCormick Place in Chicago-a city where, according to the President, he «became what he became.»

Speaking about his presidentst, the US President said that his country is stronger than before.

«We, as before, with a rich, strong and respected people,» — said the head of state.

Among achievements, he noted the revival of the us economy, health care reform, the legalization of gay marriage, the elimination of terrorist Osama bin Laden, and that for the last 8 years no foreign terrorist organization was able to successfully plan and carry out an attack on the country.

While Obama has acknowledged that threats remain, however, noted that «while we stand behind what we do, rivals like Russia or China can not compete with our influence in the world».

Barack Obama also urged Americans not to feel animosity towards immigrants and their children to love as their own. In this context, he reminded that America from the beginning of its existence, been a country of immigrants and produced a large part of its economic and cultural potential due to coexistence of representatives of different races and nationalities.

«I do not accept discrimination of Americans-Muslims are no less Patriotic than we are,» he said.

Speaking about his wife Michelle, the President could not hold back tears. He noted that it was thanks to his wife, the White house has been for each house, and called her a role model. This was reported in the article «With tears in her eyes, Barack Obama made a farewell speech» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

Barack Obama in recent times acted as President of the United States with his farewell speech. He appealed to Americans in the conference hall, thereby violating the tradition to proclaim farewell presidential speech from the Oval office in the White house.

What was the age of Obama for America and the world, and what he did for Ukraine, said Ukrainian politicians and experts in international law.

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine, co-Chairman of the Board «Reanimation package of reforms» believes that the Obama administration, which is often inside the US was accused of indecision or procrastination preteem important decisions, in fact, been a very reliable partner for Ukraine. «It is worth to mention the role of the Americans in consolidating the position of international community regarding the condemnation of aggression and in regard to sanctions against Russia; – the support of our colleagues from the USA in the launch and support of reforms in Ukraine. Therefore, the role of the United States since Obama for Ukraine cannot be overestimated – more reliable and consistent partner from the list of G7 was not» — said yurchishin.

According to people’s Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk, Obama had no particular desire to get involved in the standoff between Ukraine and Russia, against Russian aggression as something seriously to help Ukraine. But he could not ignore the sentiments and decisions of the Congress and has become more or less adequate on the Russian aggression only at the end of his reign. And since the spring of 2014 Obama was trying to sit on two chairs: not to go on a tough confrontation with Russia, but also to satisfy the request of Congress and the American society on the issue of assistance to Ukraine, the expert believes.

«And in terms of assistance to Ukraine, he had very cleverly. The U.S. Congress has allocated money for military assistance, and Obama did it so that the lion’s share went to the instructor’s mission. That is, in Ukraine, came instructors, who themselves later said that the Ukrainians can teach them, because the US does not have the same experience as our Volunteers. The American army ever since the confrontation never encountered. Accordingly, the instructor of the missions were very doubtful,» — says Tymchuk.

Political expert Sergei Postolovsky believes that Obama underestimated Putin, giving him an extra chance to change their mind and save face. Such a chance did not need to give to someone who only understands the language of force. That is, the policy of appeasement contributed to the increase in the appetite of the aggressor.

As for Donald trump, now he is experiencing great problems because of the report of the intelligence community regarding its relationship with Russia, he said. «The legitimacy of the trump undermined. And if he wants to play his own game, despite the other branches of government, including the game against Ukraine, it’s all likely to end in impeachment,» — said Postolovsky.

The main risk for Ukraine is the establishment of a new world order at the expense of sovereignty and national interests of Ukraine, he said. To prevent this, the power of our state really needs to start reforms and to propose a strategy for effective bilateral relations for our American partners.

According to experts, you need to explain to Trump that strong Ukraine would be to neutralize the myth of the power of Russia, and will create conditions for debunking stories about Russia as a competitor to the United States on the world stage. Write about this Julia Artamoshina, Alexander Gorchinskaya in the article «the Dove of Ukraine. What was the Obama presidency for the Ukrainians and what to expect from his successor» in the edition «New time».

The US President-elect Donald trump Jan 11, gave his first press conference after Barack Obama left the post. Trump talked a lot about Russia, he remembered the dirt that was previously published in the media, addressed the issue of personal interests in business and the transfer of enterprises to the management of the sons, announced the introduction of a new system of health and said that the border with Mexico will be «hard».

Trump said that he is ready to manage your business and the White house at the same time, but given the fact that this process does not have any conflict of interests. «I really can be a businessman and President simultaneously,» he said, and said that recently in Dubai, he was offered a agreement for $ 2 billion, but he refused it, to avoid a conflict of interest.

«The reset button (with Russia – ed.) no — we either find a common language or not. I hope that we will find a common language — and it is also possible, but… Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, all countries will respect us much more than previous administrations,» said trump.

«If Putin likes Donald trump, I think it’s an asset, not a liability. In fact, because we have terrible relations with Russia. Russia could do to help us fight ISIS, which is now the main threat… I don’t know how I will develop relations with Putin. We hope that they will. But also great is the chance that this will not happen,» said trump, adding: «do You think that Hillary is tougher attitude to Putin than me?»

The future President of the United States accused his predecessor, Barack Obama aiding and abetting the creation of the terrorist organization «Islamic state». The conviction of trump, in part, the emergence of ISIS is a consequence of the policy of the Obama administration. «This administration essentially created ISIS, having gone out on time (from the Middle East. – Ed.). The result is that this vacuum (ISIL. — Ed.) created there,» said trump.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, who is now Director of the Eurasia center at the Atlantic Council of the United States, said that for Ukraine is important is that trump acknowledged Russia’s role in hacking attacks on the United States. «Much has been said about the Russian hackers. It’s good that he recognizes that due to hacker attacks is Russia. Nice to hear from him that during his presidency, Russia will have more respect for US. This is a positive things and they are important for Ukraine,» said Herbst about the performance of trump at his first press conference after the election.

Herbst also noticed that the candidate for the position of Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that if they were in power when Russia annexed Crimea, the US response would be more resolute. «It was nice to hear, although he did not say what he plans to do now. However, the impression is that their policy towards Russia will also be hard, but we don’t know that for sure. I don’t know whether Ukraine will receive a specific message from Donald trump before or after the inauguration, but she already got it from Rex Tillerson, who should become Secretary of state. And I think it was a very reassuring statement,» added Herbst. This was reported in the article «TOP theses trump at the press conference and the views of the politicians» in the newspaper «Today».

Donald trump often contradicted himself. On the one hand, he called advantage sympathy of the Russian President, and on the other admitted that Russia may be involved in hacking attacks on the servers of American political parties and state bodies. In General, the trump more justified than was represented by its domestic and foreign policy.

The political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko says that the US President-elect looked a little confused, «He tried to make excuses, even tried to attack, but this style of «trump-tractor», which presses all already.»

«It is important for us in his words what trump and his administration now will be forced to adjust its policy of rapprochement with Russia, — said the expert. The original setup was that as soon as possible to negotiate with Russia, and now it will not be easy. Ukraine is chance in the sense that we should use the situation of a critical attitude of the American establishment and public opinion about trump’s rapprochement with Moscow.»

According to Fesenko, hoping for some kind of revision policy trump against a rapprochement with Russia. A dramatic revision should not be expected, but the process will be smooth and will be subject to a restrictive red flags against excessive throwing trump. Wouldn’t be a complete lifting of sanctions, there is no recognition of the annexation of the Crimea and other. That is now the property trump will be forced to act more flexibly and not so straightforward in relation to the rapprochement with Russia.

The analyst Vadim Karasev, notes that trump looked not so much distracted, how much is uncollected. «This is an attempt to show voters that the attacks on him from the track it will not knock. After all, even already even started talking about impeachment. And so he continues to bend his line: the main enemy is ISIL, and that Russia should negotiate, and that the incriminating evidence against him is a fake. It’s important for him to survive these 10 days before the inauguration, to against him surfaced new dirt, the new bounding boxes, which then it will be difficult to leave,» — said the expert.

«The main message of the press conference- he and his team work that they will restore and strengthen the military potential of the United States, to create jobs in the country. And the fact that he acknowledged the involvement of Russia to hacker attacks, then it is important that he mentioned and China. Thus he brings to the Russia from the focus of the main shock. It blurs the main point of the accusations against him – saying that not only Russia but also China,» — said Karasev.

«By and large, to trump that Russia that Ukraine is of secondary importance. He made it clear that for him the main enemy is China, Iran and ISIS. And to deal with them, he needs to somehow neutralize Russia, even by agreement with her. He is more fearful of Russia’s cooperation with China», — said the expert. This writes Viktor Timofeev in the article «Expert: «For Ukraine, said trump and important, and disturbing» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

January 12. Press review. Goodbye Obama and the first press conference trump 12.01.2017

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