Jamala’s concert in Minsk cancelled

The concert of Ukrainian singer Jamala, the winner of «Eurovision 2016» in Minsk was canceled. On it informs «Narodnaya Volya».

The organizers of the performance explained that the reason for the cancellation was poor ticket sales. «Despite the, in principle, a low price – 53 of the Belarusian ruble, tickets few people bought. Hall Prime Hall can accommodate 2,5 thousand people, and literally was bought 100 tickets», – quotes the organizer of the source.

At Prime Hall stated that Jamal is not the first performer whose concerts had to be cancelled due to low marketability of tickets.

For example, the performance of the Russian group «Caste», is scheduled for November 17, for the same reasons had to cancel.

Jamala’s concert was to be held in Minsk Prime Hall on 9 November.

53 the Belarusian ruble is about 700 UAH.

Jamal won the Eurovision song contest «Eurovision 2016», which was held in Sweden. She performed the song «1944».

Jamala’s concert in Minsk cancelled 14.11.2017

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