Jamala producer assured that in the song there is no political implication

Song Jamala «1944», with which she will go to Eurovision, has no political connotation, and words like «deportation», «the Crimean Tatars», «Russia» and «Soviet Union», no.

This was emphasized by the PR Manager of the singer Dennis Kozlowski in comments to UKRINFORM.

«Song Jamala has no political subtext. And this is a speculation. In the song there is a chorus in Crimean Tatar. About it Jamal said this quote to her grandmother: «I are unable here to hold your youth, because you took my world.» Both here and in the English words there is absolutely no policy. There are no words «deportation», «the Crimean Tatars», «Russia» and «Soviet Union». I think EVEY (the European broadcasting Union. — Ed.) where consider all texts, of course, analyze this and nothing objectionable will not find it,» said Kozlowski.

Jamala’s words that the song will tell about Ukraine is something Europe still not know about it, in his view, can mean that she will represent the country’s culture not only in the traditional aspect, in which it is used to perceive. It will show that in General Ukrainian culture there and Crimean Tatar.

«So the chorus she sings in Tatar, so it sounds like a DUDUK. There woven different tools, and Crimean Tatar in particular, in order to show Ukrainian music is multifaceted. But, of course, Jamal had in mind and the pages of the history of Ukraine, which is not very well known ordinary European listener, and this particular story connected with the deportation of the Crimean Tatars», — said Kozlovsky.

He believes still that the result of the vote was also influenced by the performance level, and, «of course, politics» (as published on the website of STB data, Jamal received 37,77% of the votes of the audience, from 382,5 thousand, took part in the voting), but I am sure the statement by the representative of the Russian state Duma that song politicize «Eurovision», and his hopes that she will not be allowed to contest, are groundless.

«If the state Duma held a competition, I admit that we could remove. But it holds EVI — and similar are excluded. To look for in a song Jamala political overtones — it is as if the singer is performing a song about the Holocaust, blame the fact that he wants to hurt Germany and the Germans», — said PR-Director.

However, he admits that in the case that EVEY will see in the song is something that should not be, the text can be corrected. «This procedure is allowed, and such cases in the history of «Eurovision» were. But I think in our case this will not happen. Hardly somebody will ask something to rewrite,» he hopes.

Kozlowski also sees no scandal in the fact that someone from Russia is dissatisfied with our song.

«What kind of scandal are we talking about? Only someone from the State Duma raised the noise. So what? They live in another country. And it’s not Switzerland, where EVEY. And officially they cannot influence the decisions of the body which organizes the «Eurovision». At least we were aware of that fact. EVEY — organization acting in accordance with the stated principles and prescribed rules. It is unlikely she will change them under pressure from any particular country», — said the representative of the singer.

He also believes that «the noise» threatens the participation Jamala — and therefore of Ukraine at «Eurovision-2016». As for the chances to win it in the team of the singer don’t think.

«Jamal is the kind of person that if she does something, then brings it to the end. And if she participates in the competition, as she said, it always wins. What are our chances of winning, what bets bookmakers, we do not track and unlikely to be traceable. The main thing for us to do everything that depends on us. And then come what may», — said Kozlovsky.

Commenting on the words Jamala for possible support of the project by the state, he noted that the team is close this question yet was not engaged, it is only known that some of the expenses are on the channel STB. And the promotional tour, according to Jamala, perhaps, shouldn’t be.

«Before the Internet was developed on a completely different level. Now the social network is widely developed, the level of penetration is completely different, and this may be garazno more effective and less costly than if you go with the promotional tour of the European capitals and to speak at the party gathering on the strength of a couple of hundred people,» he added.

But the victory of the heroic figures in any case important for Ukraine, agreed PR Director.

«Victory is a promo for the country. And it’s absolutely a positive thing. We will become better known because of some unpleasant events in politics, not because of the war or the annexation of Crimea. But because Ukraine’s representative at this scale wins a TV contest, which has tens of millions of people! And people will see Ukraine in a completely different light — positive, you will see that it has talented musicians, high-level music», — said Kozlovsky.

We will remind, itself Jamal hopes that its participation in the international song contest may raise the issue of the occupied Crimea to a new level.

Earlier in the state Duma demanded from the management of the Eurovision song contest not be allowed to contest a song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on information policy Vadim Dengin is sure that Russia «once again I want to hurt».

«The majority of citizens (of Ukraine — ed.) who do not receive any salaries or pensions, can afford to watch Eurovision you can’t, because, first, they do not have to pay for electricity, and secondly, they don’t care to be on the Eurovision,» said Denikin. In his opinion, such a composition proves the politicization of the Eurovision song contest.

Jamala producer assured that in the song there is no political implication 24.02.2016

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