Jamal believes that her participation in «Eurovision» can return the world’s attention to the occupied Crimea

The singer of Crimean Tatar origin Jamala, one of the candidates to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest, believes that its participation in the international song contest may raise the issue of the occupied Crimea to a new level.

She said this in an interview for «Crimea. Reality», commenting on the statement by the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev, who has urged Ukrainians to vote for Jamal in the semifinal of the national selection. According to Jemilev, her participation in «Eurovision» can raise the issue of the occupation of the Crimea, which for two years «forgotten» with a new urgency.

«If I get the opportunity to go to Stockholm and to speak with his song, of course, it will attract the attention of the international media who will be covering this contest. Of course, talking about my grandmother, I talk about the tragedy of an entire people, and, of course, POPs up the Crimea… I think it probably can attract more attention, because two years still a little rusty on that the Crimea is now in this limbo. He is really Ukrainian, but now it is impossible to get through,» says the singer.

At the same time, Jamal did not consider that the cause of the success of her composition is exactly the political situation in Ukraine.

«I still wouldn’t want to combine these completely polar topics: politics and music. Of course, for some it played an important role. The fact that this song was written about the Crimean Tatar the Crimean Tatars. For some it’s important. For someone just played the role of music and the overall message, which is available in English parts of the song. For others, it stirred up a wave of similar stories.»

The singer said that after performing in the semi-final of the national selection, and she received numerous letters from Ukrainians, whose parents suffered from the repressions in Western Ukraine and whose grandmother survived the famine and the Holocaust.

The song «1944», as explained by Jamal, she did not write specifically for the contest. «I actually didn’t do it specifically for the contest, I even had a minute and a half to cut, and it was so hard to just to cut a minute and a half of music. Because there is a clear format to three minutes. I just wanted, if you go to the contest now, with other thoughts, not as it was five years ago with the song «Smile» (the song Jamal participated in the casting of «Eurovision-2011″ – ed.). I wanted to go in a completely different setting, telling a story that excites me, worried the people around me».

According to singer, between 1944, referred to in her songs, and 2014. you can draw some Parallels.

«But I wouldn’t want it to be scary as then. Don’t want all these murders, cars, deportation… would Not right to draw a clear parallel 1944 with today. I would like to believe that so much time had passed, and people must learn to listen to each other, must learn to be tolerant, humane».

«I really feel support: then and now. Gets a lot of letters, they say that now in Simferopol from every cafe, every shop sounds «1944», from each stall… And I’m very pleased,» said the singer.

At the same time Jamal said that people who support Ukraine, in the Crimea are trying to fight. «It’s harder, scarier and more painful. But actually for this and need us to provide them with support and understanding, not to say: you gave the Crimea, now sit without light. That’s not good…» — said the singer.

Note that the material on Jamali and her performance in the qualifying round of «Eurovision», appeared in the British newspaper the Guardian.

Recall, Jamal 6 February presented his song «1944» about the tragedy of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people at the semi-final of national selection «Eurovision». The singer received the highest rating from the jury and the largest number of supporting votes of the audience during the SMS voting. Voted more than 160 thousand Ukrainians. To vote for any of the contenders could only in the presence of a card of Ukrainian operator. Therefore, countrymen of the heroic figures, users of mobile communication in the Russian occupied Crimea, are unable to participate in the selection process.

Following the semi-final of the national selection in Ukraine will take place on 13 February and the final on 21 February. According to the results of audience and judicial voting during live broadcasts will define the name of the artist who will represent Ukraine at «Eurovision-2016».

Jamal believes that her participation in «Eurovision» can return the world’s attention to the occupied Crimea 12.02.2016

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