Italian police arrested the boss of the Calabrian mafia

Italian police have arrested the boss of a powerful mafia clan ‘Ndrangheta from Calabria. Reported by the Associated Press.

«In the video police can be seen as unarmed Marcello Hiking to be arrested at dawn Thursday in the bedroom of a house owned by the clan, in the city of Rosarno, where he was hiding. The police also detained the father and the son living in this house», – stated in the message.

It is reported that Marcello Hiking managed to avoid capture by police in April 2010. He was subsequently convicted in absentia on charges of having links with the mafia for 16 years and eight months.

«He is one of the bosses of the powerful Calabrian crime syndicate ‘Ndrangheta», – said the Agency.

The Minister of internal Affairs Angelino Alfano, commenting on the detention of Hiking, said that the arrest «demonstrates our (Italian authorities) sequence in the fight against organized crime».

Earlier it was reported that the Italian Senate voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of one of its members, suspected of links with the mafia.

Calabria Prosecutor’s office suspects him of belonging to a powerful group Ndrangheta (Calabrian mafia) and use their position to act in its purposes.

We will remind, in April in Italy, the police arrested the leader of the Neapolitan crime group Camorra , Roberto Manganiello, who for many years managed to hide from law enforcement.

Italian police arrested the boss of the Calabrian mafia 01.12.2016

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