Italian MPs demand explanations about «Consulate DNR» in Turin

In Italy, a group of deputies from the ruling Democratic party sent a parliamentary request to the government to formally respond to the activity of so-called «mission of the DNR» in Turin, the discovery of which was announced last month.

In the request to the Prime Minister of Italy, Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of internal Affairs MPs demand an answer, does not the opening of «the mission of the DNR» Italian foreign policy and the EU, and what measures will be taken by the government, Radio Liberty reports.

«It’s not a question of the local level is a national issue…Should resist fascist nationalism, which is the so-called «Republic of Donbass». We will exert pressure until, until the Italian government created a month ago, will not condemn the initiative of Maurizio Marrone (the coordinator of the «mission of the DNR» in Turin – ed.)», – said the Deputy Umberto D Ottavio.

14 December 2016 in Turin took place the opening of the so-called «DNI representative» in Italy, which operates with registered non-governmental structure of the Fund, Magellan. The founders of «Consulate DNR» in Italy, right-wing activists said that the purpose of the organization is to «promote international recognition of the DNI» through diplomatic and institutional channels in Italy.

Earlier it was reported that the militants «LNR» trying to open «representative office» in Austria. The position of Austria is that «LC» has no status, so there is no representation from the militants will not.

Italian MPs demand explanations about «Consulate DNR» in Turin 17.01.2017

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