It became known about Putin’s personal role in the deaths of MH-17

One of the main authors of the progress report of «Bellingcat» Daniel Romine believes that the decision to send to Ukraine system «Buk», from which the plane was shot down of flight MH-17, it is unlikely were made without Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said this on February 24, 2016 in an interview with German newspaper Bild.

According to Romine, the team tracked and identified the military 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade from Kursk who were directly decided on the transfer of «Buck» and probably shot it.

However, he said, according to the researchers, «the decision to send to Ukraine «Beech» were to take on a higher level than the 53rd brigade».
The report therefore describes the commanders of the 20-th army of the Russian Federation and the Western military district, which could make such a decision.

«We say that the Russian defense Ministry has primary responsibility, as the decision to send to Ukraine air defense system was taken at this level,» said Romaine.

However, he suggested that the defense Ministry could not exactly specify what kind of air defense systems to share and «Beech» have you already decided on the level of management of the WMD or 20-th army.

«Regarding Putin: decision on sending to Ukraine of advanced anti-aircraft guns without his knowledge is unlikely. But it is not likely that he knew exactly what kind of weapons are sent. He apparently relied on the choice of the command of the air defense», — the expert believes.

We will remind, on February 24, «Bellingcat» has published another part of the report on the causes of the tragedy MH-17, which was called the personal data of the Russian military who probably brought down the plane.

It became known about Putin’s personal role in the deaths of MH-17 25.02.2016

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