Israeli aircraft launched strikes on Syria

The Israeli air force on the morning of Wednesday, November 30, attacked the territory of Syria, reports Reuters with reference to sources in the Syrian army. According to sources, the attack was carried out with the drone was in the airspace of Lebanon. Local residents reported that they heard at least four powerful explosions, reports

In particular, Israeli aircraft attacked a convoy of trucks in and around Damascus and strengthening the army of Assad in the Syrian capital, reports citing the Arabic mass media.

According to published information, the blows were inflicted on the convoy moving close to the highway Damascus-Beirut and, according to some, carrying weapons for militants of the Islamist movement «Hezbollah».

In the result, another attack destroyed a warehouse of ammunition in Damascus, which belonged to the 38th brigade of the 4th army. No injuries were reported.

Official Damascus confirmed the air attack, placing the responsibility on Israel. In the Israeli armed forces to comment on the incident refused.

In recent days, this is not the first attack on Syrian territory by Israel. So, on November 28 it was reported that the country’s air force attacked a site of the terrorist group «Islamic state» in Syria. Strikes have been an abandoned building, previously owned by the UN, which the terrorists used to attack the Israeli military.

The day before it became known that the Israeli military opened fire on targets in Syria after the shelling, soldiers, patrolling the border in the South-Eastern part of the Golan heights and the fall of three mortar shells at Israeli territory. Air force destroyed a vehicle of the terrorists fired on soldiers, four militants of the group «Shuhada al-Yarmouk» were killed.

Israeli aircraft launched strikes on Syria 30.11.2016

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