Israel struck at Syria

The Israeli army struck Syria in response to mortar shell fired last night from that country and fallen in the Golan heights.

As informs with reference to the press service of the army, a shell fell on the undeveloped areas near the security fence. As a result of bombardment nobody has suffered.

After the Israeli air force struck back at the Syrian territory. The aim was to launcher Syrian government forces, which were successfully struck.

According to Syrian and Lebanese media, the Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle blow was inflicted on the positions of Syrian government forces in the area of Quneitra. It is noted that in the end, and suffered no material damage.

Over the past two months it not the first case of shelling Syrian territory by Israel. So, 3 August, the Arab sources said that in the area Marba, North of Damascus, the Israeli air force struck a convoy of movement «Hezbollah» is carrying a weapon.

In late July, it was reported that Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian police building in Quneitra, the headquarters of the Baath party and other purposes. In early July, a helicopter fired at Quneitra. In the Syrian media reported that the attack was conducted by Israeli military. Two days before the Israeli military attacked a Syrian army position near the border after the attack near the border fence.

Israel struck at Syria 23.08.2016

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