Israel launched a missile strike on targets in Damascus Assad’s army

In the night of Friday, January 13, at a military airfield in Mezze in Damascus, there was a series of powerful explosions. This was reported by Syrian state television, writes

Information about victims and damage as a result of the explosions has not yet been reported, however, on attestations of eyewitnesses, on the site started a large fire, there came a lot of ambulances.

The Syrian government army accused the IDF missile strike on the airbase, claiming that several rockets were fired from the area of the sea of Galilee. The army of al-Assad warned Israel about the possible consequences of this «blatant attack», reports Syrian state Agency SANA.

Damascus has accused Israel of military support of terrorist organizations, to which the message SANA was named «Jabhat EN-Nusra» and «Free Syrian army».

Airport Mezze, located in the southwest of the Syrian capital, is an important strategic aviation base and is used, in particular, the elite Syrian Republican guard and special forces.

Press service of the IDF and other official Israeli sources have not commented on this information.

Recall that in late November 2016, Israeli aircraft attacked a convoy of trucks in and around Damascus and strengthening the army of Assad in the Syrian capital. According to sources, the attack was carried out with the drone was in the airspace of Lebanon. Local residents reported that they heard at least four powerful explosions.

Israel launched a missile strike on targets in Damascus Assad’s army 13.01.2017

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