Israel arrested the suspects in the arson of forest

In Israel on suspicion of arson of forest arrested four Palestinians. They will stand trial, reports the BBC.

Fire: the fire intensity is reduced, more than half of cases — arson

As stated by the head of the Israel police , Roni Alsheikh, arson involved «political activists».

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that those responsible will be severely punished.

«Every fire caused by arson, by all indications, is terrorism. We are going to treat this appropriately,» he said in Haifa, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports Reuters.

According to «channel 9», the police detained two suspected of intentional forest fires in the Haifa area. Detained red-handed are students at Haifa University.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Jerusalem, police discovered several «wicks» by the arsonists. They are the twigs attached to the trunk of a young tree. After the burning firewood the fire quickly rises through the dry barrel at the crown, after which there is inflammation of the adjacent trees.

Information about the victims of the fires at the moment, but we know dozens of people who applied for medical assistance. Due to large-scale forest fire around the Israeli port city of Haifa more than 60 thousand people were forced to leave their homes.

The Israeli government has asked for international assistance. A number of countries, including Ukraine, were sent to the disaster area aircraft fire. From USA awaiting the arrival of the world’s largest firefighting aircraft, the Evergreen Supertanker.

In the same area, large-scale forest fires occurred in December 2010 because of the drought. The fires could not be put out for four days, killing 42 people. To prevent such a disaster was expanded Arsenal of fire-fighting equipment, including procurement of additional fire-fighting aircraft.

The disaster has been the subject of investigations by the state Comptroller of Israel, which in 2012 released a report. In it, the blame for operational failures were partly attributed to the Ministers of Finance and home Affairs and also Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of internal security.

Fire: the fire intensity is reduced, more than half of cases — arson

According to the latest data, at the moment in the country 11 burning fires, and the firefighters focus on five of them. The fire service reported that the intensity of the fire is weakening, reports

Among the most dangerous at the moment, fires called the fire district will Harasim in Galilee, the Western guy near Jerusalem, in Beit Meir under Beit Shemesh and Haifa. The fire in Beit Meir virtually eliminated and fire watch, the fire broke out again.While weather conditions remain difficult, and firefighters remain on high alert.

In Haifa fires weakened compared to 24 November. Thursday in the city were concentrated 120 fire brigades, and on the morning of 25 November, the fire began to reduce their number. Only in Haifa, the fire damaged 700 housing units.

Officials of the fire Department reported that more than half of the fires provoked by arson.

Friday, November 25, began a new phase in the fight against forest fires in Israel: after Israeli, Greek and Croatian fire-fighting aircraft to extinguish fires joined aircraft arriving from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, France, Azerbaijan, Britain, Egypt and Cyprus.

Russia has sent to Israel to extinguish fires, two plane-amphibian be-200, each of which is able to collect up to 12 tons of water from the surface of the sea.

In extinguishing fires and assisting victims involved all the forces of the fire service of Israel and the IDF rear Control, work in a special regime, the police, the ambulance service.

In the night of Friday to extinguish fires on Israeli territory was joined by eight fire brigades, subordinate to the office of civil defense of the Palestinian authority. Four of them are pointing to the area of Haifa and Nazareth, four in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

Aid to Israel have and neighbouring countries – Egypt and Jordan.

On Thursday, the wildfires in Haifa caused significant damage to houses and public buildings, infrastructures, private and public transportation in Haifa. Injured more than 100 people. About 75 thousand inhabitants of the city were evacuated. 2 thousands of families remaining in their homes by Friday morning had no access to electricity. Fire Department representative stated that in Haifa, the fires damaged approximately 700 housing units.

The Minister declares that it is necessary to deprive the instigators of Israeli citizenship. The Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz proposes as punishment for his involvement in the arson confiscation of movable and immovable property.

From a legal point of view, the main issue is that it is necessary legislatively to equate arson carried out on the grounds of national hatred, the terrorist act. If such a law is adopted, the question arises of who should compensate for the damage from arson, carried out by terrorists.

Israel arrested the suspects in the arson of forest 25.11.2016

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