Islamists from the Caucasus in Syria shelled Russian base. Al-Qaeda has announced a reward for the capture of a soldier

The militants of the terrorist organizations operating in Syria, is at war with the Russian Armed forces, which last week launched a military action in that country.

Islamists fighting under the Islamic state, firing on a Russian military base near Latakia, reports and the leadership of al-Qaida in Syria has offered a reward in the amount of 21,2 thousand dollars for the capture of any Russian soldier, said «RBC-Ukraine» with reference to Newsweek.

In turn, the rebels are the representatives fighting the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s moderate opposition, the existence of which I doubt the Russian authorities, appealed to the countries of the region with a proposal to create an Alliance against Russia and Iran. According to Reuters, the rebels, members of the «Syrian free army», on Monday 5 October published a letter, urging countries in the region to unite to confront the «Iranian occupation» of Syria.

The unit of the terrorist organization «al-Qaeda» in Syria «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» has placed the announcement of the reward for the capture of Russian soldiers on posters and in social networks, writes the British newspaper The Times.

While in Russia the rebels fighting the Assad regime are inclined to classify the terrorists, the victims of the bombing of the Russian air force in Hama, HOMS, Idlib become peaceful citizens. Today the States members of NATO in a statement issued October 5, according to the results of the emergency meeting of the North Atlantic Council, called on Russia to stop bombing the Syrian opposition and the civilian population and facilitate the resolution of the conflict through political means.

The U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter, speaking in Madrid, where he arrived as part of his five-day working visit to Europe, said that Russia chose a «losing strategy» in Syria, reports AFP.

«The US and allies will take steps to counter Russia. Russia’s actions led to the escalation of the war in Syria. We call on Russia to act safely. We are open for further cooperation with Russia», — he said and stressed that Russia’s intervention in the Syrian conflict «has only exacerbated the situation.»

As reported last week, Syrian group «Jaish al-Islam» («Army of Islam») declared war on Russia. So, the rebels have promised to fight the Russian Federation in the places where it appears in Syria.

A columnist in the German newspaper Die Welt , Alfred Hackenberger reports that fighters of the Islamist organization «Ahrar al-sham» «proudly charge their MLRS», firing a new Russian military base Jmaimon near Latakia where the Russian air force out to bomb the Syrian rebels, writes InoPressa.

According to the journalist, the shelling of the Russian airfield from installations «Hail» began a week ago in the nearby mountains, and over the weekend its intensity increased. Only one day on the airfield was released 49 ammunition of the Russian production, in warehouses captured by Assad forces, says the article. The rebels wanted to get on the runway, however, according to the Supervisory Council for human rights (SOHR), only two shells exploded near the base.

According to the author of the material, in the mountains near Lattakia there are several groups that have «special relations with Russia», — the Chechen Islamists. At least three groups have in their ranks of fighters or commanders, who killed Russian soldiers in the North Caucasus, writes the correspondent of Die Welt. Even «colleagues»-the terrorists speak of them as «insane people» — the fanatics who «absolutely nothing to fear». All three Chechen groups, «Asnad al-Caucasus», «Jund al-sham» and smaller «Jamaat Tarkhan» — are fighting on the side of the Syrian subdivision of al-Qaeda «dzhebhat EN-Nusra» and the Islamist «Ahrar al-sham».

Islamists from the Caucasus in Syria shelled Russian base. Al-Qaeda has announced a reward for the capture of a soldier 06.10.2015

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