ISIS will retaliate against the founders of Twitter and Facebook for blocking the accounts of terrorist

Terrorist group «Islamic state» was addressed to another video threatening the Creator of Twitter Jack Dorsey and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, recently because of Internet threats utilissimo his guard. On account militants promised to avenge the purposeful restriction of their access to popular social networks, writes

About new roller «Islamic state» in the public domain said on the website Vocativ. A video of an extremist nature lasts 25 minutes. In the video shown the portraits of Dorsey and Zuckerberg, which imposed by using a graphical editor bullet holes.

The entry concludes with the direct threats against the two heads of companies.

«You say that slow the action of many of our accounts, and that’s what we say: that’s all you can do? You are not in our League — said the VoiceOver on the video. — If you close one account, you will receive 10 in return, and soon your names will be erased once we will remove your sites, by the will of Allah, and you will realize that it is true».

Staff Vocativ found a video among the media files in the messenger Telegram, which the Islamic state often uses to their advantage, since the information is transmitted over encrypted channels. The video is called «Flame accomplices.»

In the video shows how reveal pages of subscribers to Facebook and Twitter, are replaced with photos of the owners, placed promotional materials IG. Terrorists claim to having opened more than 10 thousand individual and over 150 group accounts in Facebook and more than five thousand followers on Twitter. The militants noted that many of the uncovered accounts, now used by supporters of ISIS.

A recent report by the George Washington University showed that the amount of content in Twitter, which aims to support the IG has declined since last summer. After successful attempts to reduce the presence of terrorists in the network of microblogging, the militants of the «Islamic state» has moved to other platforms. One of them was a Telegram.

Earlier in February it became known that the microblogging service Twitter from mid-2015 have blocked over 125 thousand accounts for the propaganda of terrorism. And most of the accounts in varying degrees, has been associated with the «Islamic state».

In Facebook say that we are working to ensure that terrorists do not use the site. The company claims that remove content that promotes terrorism.

Earlier it was reported that «Islamic state» launched its own satellite TV channel with an audience of 500 thousand people. It was noted that the television channel broadcast a report about the airstrikes, news, lectures about Islam, and weather forecasts. The main purpose of starting the channel is to promote the activities of the Islamic state group. Presumably, the broadcasting is carried out from the stronghold of the terrorists in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

ISIS will retaliate against the founders of Twitter and Facebook for blocking the accounts of terrorist 25.02.2016

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