ISIS has cut the only supply route for the Syrian army in Aleppo

The militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» cut the only route by which supplies were delivered to the Syrian army in Aleppo province in Northern Syria. This edition of Al Masdar.

According to the newspaper, government forces in the attack of militants retreated from the village of Rasm EN-Naval. Syrian forces prepared for a counterattack to dislodge the militants from the settlement, said in a statement.

We will remind, in the province of Aleppo in recent weeks is a large-scale offensive the Syrian army with air support Air and space forces of the Russian Federation. In recent times the target of these air strikes be border crossings between Syria and Turkey and the road on which delivered food and weapons to the rebels.

Last Saturday in an interview with Spanish El Pais, the Syrian President , Bashar al-Assad said that the main goal of the offensive in the area — not capture Aleppo, and blocking supplies from Turkey to weaken the extremists.

Airstrikes HQs of the Russian Federation in Aleppo have caused new accusations from the West of Russia that it is bombing civilians. Human rights group Amnesty International, the Russian VC suspect in war crimes in connection with attacks on civilian targets in Syria, on the eve presented a new information according to which Russia again bombed place in Aleppo, where rescue workers arrived to remove the rubble, and medics.

As reported, intense fighting in the Syrian province of Aleppo have forced nearly 50 thousand local residents to flee their homes. As noted in the report on the website of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC), the humanitarian situation in the region is deteriorating rapidly — reduced food supply, there are problems with water supply, there is a shortage of fuel and electricity.

10 at a meeting of the UN Security Council by France, Britain and their allies called on Russia to stop air strikes on the Syrian province of Aleppo.

According to a report by Human rights organization Human Rights Watch, during the last military operations against the Syrian opposition carried out by the army Bashar al-Assad and Russia, massively used prohibited cluster munitions. So, according to the organization, from 14 strikes using cluster bombs in five Syrian provinces on 26 January killed at least 37 civilians, including six women and nine children, and dozens of others were injured.

ISIS has cut the only supply route for the Syrian army in Aleppo 22.02.2016

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