Irina Gerashchenko said that Belarus claims to be a peacemaker, and therefore must not arrange provocations

Given that Belarus claims to be a peacemaker, Minsk is to take a neutral position and not to make provocations, said the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and it’s the negotiator in the trilateral contact group on settling the situation in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko during the work of the first Ukrainian women’s Congress. About it reports Agency «UKRINFORM».

«Minsk claims to some laurels and the status of a neutral, peacekeeping country, so Belarus needs to meet these high standards and indeed to take a position at least neutral and not to make provocations», – said Gerashchenko.

Speaking about possible change in Minsk «platform» in connection with the aggravation of relations between Ukraine and Belarus, it’s the negotiator noted that «the position I have, but as a participant in the negotiations, I will refrain from answering».

«Our Embassy in Belarus actually works in extreme conditions, daily receiving information on the border detained Ukrainians, and in hotels, as Serhiy Zhadan (poet. – «GORDON»), feesbeshnyh lists. Obviously, this situation is very difficult, and here it is necessary to wish wisdom to all of us and for our diplomats to apply the correct signals. But to pretend that this is not too impossible,» says Gerashchenko.

She added that the fact that today among the «black lists» that «daily scribbles» of FSB of Russia, 90% are Ukrainians, and Belarus as a Union state must live on these lists shows how far Ukraine broke away from the «Russian world».

For the last three months on the territory of Belarus was detained a number of citizens of Ukraine. In particular, on 24 August the officers of the Russian FSB abducted 19-year-old Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom. On 17 November, the head of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania said that Belarus has detained the journalist of «Ukrayinsky radio» Paul Sharoika. 20 November it became known about detention of the Director of the Ukrainian PJSC «Plant of the weighting» by Alexander Skyby on business trips to Minsk tractor plant.

On 20 November, the state security Committee of Belarus reported that the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Skvortsov was declared a persona non grata. He allegedly coordinated «intelligence activities» of a journalist Sharoika, which, according to the accusations of the Belarusian KGB, is a «personnel officer Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine». On this day, the official representative of KGB of Belarus Dmitry Ponarin said at a briefing that Sharoika was arrested for espionage and allegedly confessed to the conduct of intelligence activities.

Due to the fact that Belarus Skvortsova declared persona non grata, Ukraine deported a Belarusian diplomat out of the country.

Irina Gerashchenko said that Belarus claims to be a peacemaker, and therefore must not arrange provocations 22.11.2017

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