Iranian court quashed the penalty of billionaire Zanjani

The Supreme court of Iran overturned the death sentence of billionaire Babak Zanjani,who was accused of numerous corruption-related crimes. About it reports Agency ISNA.

The name of this magnate became widely known in late 2012 due to Western economic sanctions against Iran over the disputed nuclear program. It brought in black lists of the USA and the European Union for «a key role in the evasion» of these sanctions. The restrictions were aimed at making Iran was not able to receive revenues from oil exports.

That is with schemes of oil sales and associated charges in the address of Zanjani: he was accused of concealing nearly $ 2 billion received from the sale of state oil. He himself in an interview stated that he assisted with the translation of oil revenues into the country at the request of the Central Bank of the country.

In early March a court ruled against Zanjani decided to execute him. Then his lawyer went to court to appeal against the decision.

To arrest the condition, Zanjani was estimated to be worth about 14 billion dollars. His business Empire includes 65 companies in Iran, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Tajikistan. He has a wide range of business interests from cosmetics, hospitality, transport to construction and banking services.

Iranian court quashed the penalty of billionaire Zanjani 26.11.2016

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