Iran launched a new rocket test

Iran has conducted a new missile test. On 9 February, reports Fox News, citing an unnamed source in the presidential administration of the USA.

According to the channel, we are talking about the missile «earth-air» short range «Mersad». It is noted that the rocket after launch failed to overcome about 59 kilometers.

The launch was made from the landfill of Semnan, located about 225 kilometers East of Tehran. In recent weeks on the training ground this recorded action, told Fox News.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump called Iran «a terrorist state number one.» On 1 February the administration, trump said on the «official warning» to Iran about the test launch of a ballistic missile, conducted on January 29.

On 3 February, the U.S. imposed Nove sanctions against Iran. Under the restrictions were 13 citizens of Iran, UAE, China, Kuwait and Lebanon, as well as 12 organizations of these States. The reason for the introduction of new sanctions, the U.S. Treasury has called the fight against terrorism and the violation of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

On 4 February it became known that Iran had carried out new missile tests, despite a day earlier imposed sanctions.

Iran launched a new rocket test 09.02.2017

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