Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism — Pentagon

The US believes Iran is the main sponsor of global terrorism, said Pentagon chief James Mattis in a press conference in Tokyo following the meeting with his Japanese counterpart Tomomi Indoi</b>.

Writes sharp Mattis’s statements came after the announcement of new sanctions against Iran — the first negative decision in this area since the conclusion of the nuclear deal in the summer of 2015, which became one of the major foreign policy achievements of the previous administration and the international community.

Mattis said: «with regard to Iran, this state is one of the main sponsors of global terrorism. We need to bring it to Iran.»

However, the Pentagon indicated that it «sees no need to increase the American military presence in the middle East in connection with Iran». He stressed that the chance of United States is.

USA on Friday, February 3, expanded sanctions on Iran, adding to the blacklists 13 people and 12 organizations. The immediate cause was the testing of ballistic missiles, and sanctions affected individuals, which the US considered involved in missile program Tehran. It also mentioned two more reasons for the imposition of sanctions: this is the attack on the Saudi court and the financing of terrorist activities in Syria and Yemen.

According to the UN resolution N 1929, Iran is forbidden to carry out any activities related to the development or launch of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism — Pentagon 04.02.2017

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