Iran has resumed oil exports to Europe

Iran has resumed oil exports to Europe. About it writes «UNIAN» with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

The first Western company that started loading Iranian oil for export by sea to Europe, became a Swiss commodities trader Glencore. A tanker leased by Glencore AG, loaded with 80 tons of oil terminal in the Persian Gulf.

Overall, Iran plans to sell in Europe 300 thousand barrels of oil per day.

As reported Iran plans to invoice for the delivered oil in euros, as well as demand in that currency frozen as part of sanctions assets. We are talking about billions of dollars.

The Central Bank of Iran has decided to hold foreign payments only in euros. As stated by the officials of Iran, the rejection of the dollar is dictated by political reasons.

As you know, international sanctions against Iran were lifted on January 16.

Iran has resumed oil exports to Europe 08.02.2016

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