Iran and Turkmenistan agreed on a gas question

Iran threatens Turkmenistan international courts for the termination of the supply of natural gas. This was stated in the National gas company of Iran, UKRINFORM reports with reference to Reuters.

«The cessation of gas supplies is a blatant violation of the agreement… the Question of recourse to international arbitration is on the agenda of Iran,» said the National gas company of Iran.

The conviction of the company, Turkmenistan had no right to cut the supply even in case of delayed payments.

«In accordance with the agreement, the Turkmen side can not close the gas flow even in case of availability of debt or delay payment,» — said in a statement.

In turn, Ashgabat says that taking such a radical step only after three years unsuccessfully tried to obtain a debt, the amount of which, however, did not disclose.

The National gas company of Iran noted that a large part of the debt was incurred at a time when Iran could not carry out international payments due to sanctions.

«Most of this debt arose more than ten years ago, when Iran was under sanctions and could not carry out international payments… But even then, on the basis of mutual understanding, we have shipped items and rendered services to the Turkmen side in exchange for gas», – noted in the company.

Turkmen gas supplied to Iran on the first of January.

Iran has large deposits of natural gas in the South, however, since 1997, imports annually about 9 billion cubic meters of gas from Turkmenistan to meet the needs of the population of its Northern regions, especially in the winter.

Earlier it was reported that Iran wants to build a pipeline to the EU. Meanwhile, it is known that the European Union expects by 2019 to begin importing gas from Turkmenistan.

Iran and Turkmenistan agreed on a gas question 04.01.2017

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