Invaders on Donbass not enough hospitals due to losses – exploration

Due to the growth of casualties among Pro-Russian terrorists based in Luhansk region, they are looking for an additional hospital for the placement of dead and wounded. It is declared by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry in Facebook.

«A growing number of losses of personnel and units 2 AK (Lugansk) of the armed forces. With the aim of placing dead and wounded troops, the command of 6 separate motorized rifle regiment (kadievka) 2 AK turned to the command of the corps with a proposal to deploy additional hospital on the basis of departmental hospitals mine them. Menzhinskogo,» — said in the message.

It is said in the Gur, the proposal was rejected by the commanders of the Russian occupation troops «given the funding cuts and lack of funds for its maintenance».

But the militants offered to bring the dead and wounded in the coming of the civil hospitals and health centres. But this decision of the Russian command has caused outrage from the infantry and led to the fact that many of them expressed a desire to leave the ranks of the terrorists.

The command of the 2nd «army corps» had ordered his subordinates to hide losses by executing the wounded and dead as the victims in the accidents.

According to intelligence reports, Pro-Russian militants in Donbass promise a monthly fee for «service» on the advanced positions and participation in clashes with the forces of ATO in the amount of 9 thousand rubles.

Invaders on Donbass not enough hospitals due to losses – exploration 23.01.2017

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