Interpol is actively seeking Stavisky in Israel and the resumption of wanted Yanukovych will consider in late January

Interpol will consider the question of renewal of an international arrest warrant for former President Viktor Yanukovych 26-29 January.

About this informed the head of Ukrbyuro Basil Captivity during the direct telephone line in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

«I think that by the end of this month will be the solution (to search for Yanukovich). A meeting of the Commission (for control over files Interpol) will be from 26 to 29 January. According to insider information, the issue there will be considered,» he said.

Slavery noted that the Commission Interpol for a long time been studying the question of the resumption of the international investigation of Yanukovych because of the active position of his lawyers in this matter.

He also said that the former Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Eduard Stavytskyi, according to Interpol, is likely in Israel, his search is active.

«Stavytsky, according to our data, is in Israel. He wanted, wanted active,» said Bondage on Thursday.

However, he regrets the absence of a request for investigation of former Minister of education Dmitry Tabachnik.

«We have never had requests and tasks according to his investigation,» said Bondage.

He noted the efficiency with the Israeli side in the investigation. «Given that Israel gives its citizens, the procedure is not very complicated… no problem with Israel is not» — said the head of the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol.

Earlier, the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that the GPU and the military Prosecutor’s office, which investigates criminal proceedings, give procedural assessment of the potential involvement of individual officers, the national Bureau of Interpol in Ukraine of complicity or assistance of members of the criminal organization Klimenko-Kurchenko, Arbuzov and Yanukovych in order to avoid criminal liability.

He also stated that some employees of the Bureau of the Interpol in Ukraine hampered the direction of the main office organization to declare on the international wanted list of a number of persons for which they received bribes.

In turn, the Ukrainian Bureau of the Interpol has declared that is ready to provide full assistance to the chief military Prosecutor’s office to check the facts of possible complicity of its employees in order to avoid criminal liability by the regime of Viktor Yanukovych. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol Vasily Captivity.

Interpol is actively seeking Stavisky in Israel and the resumption of wanted Yanukovych will consider in late January 19.01.2017

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