«Inter» can «punish» unscheduled inspection of the controversial story of the Heavenly hundred

The national Council on television and radio will announce the appointment of unscheduled audit to the TV channel «inter», which also will be considered in the story of the Heavenly hundred, at the meeting on Thursday. This was reported in the comment to Agency «Interfax-Ukraine» the head of the regulator Yuriy Artemenko.

According to him, earlier in the meeting the question was taken out on audit appointment TV channel in connection with the broadcasting of the film that has the signs of violation of Ukrainian legislation.

«I asked that we have added to the draft decision and the question in the story (of the Heavenly hundred – ed.)», – said Artyomenko.

During the plot of «inter» about the commemoration of the Heavenly hundred in the air were heard off-screen voice of the chief editor of the channel, the citizen of the Russian Federation, Maria Stolyarova, who demanded that the editors «to finish this x*nu», writes «Ukrainian truth».

After that, the journalist asked about personality Stolyarova and found she in 2014 went to the Donetsk militants, in particular to the battalion Alexander Khodakovsky of the Vostok, which has called his «favorite men».

She also called the activists «gangs of orcs», called to enter into Ukraine troops and claimed that Crimea has always been Russia. In the summer of 2014, she arrived in Kiev and took a chief editor of «inter».

Last year, around the TV channel «inter» scandal due to the fact that it is new year’s eve broadcast recording of the festive program, in which acted, in particular, the Deputy of the Russian state Duma, singer Joseph Kobzon, declared in Ukraine persona non grata.

In June 2015 the national Council on television and radio renewed for 7 years the term of the license of «inter».

100% of the shares of the TV channel are monitored and controlled by companies owned by an oligarch Dmitry Firtash and former head of administration of Victor YanukovychSergey Levochkin.

«Inter» can «punish» unscheduled inspection of the controversial story of the Heavenly hundred 23.02.2016

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