Intelligence tells Trump about the involvement of Russian hackers. Obama explained the lack of sanctions on Putin

The US President-elect Donald trump announced postponement of the briefing that he had planned to hold special services in connection with activities in the US of Russian hackers. In his Twitter, the billionaire wrote that the briefing will take place on 6 January, and suggested that the postponement stems from the need to gather evidence, writes

«The intelligence briefing about the «Russian hackers» postponed until Friday, January 6th. Perhaps more time was needed to substantiate the case. Very strange,» said trump.

The White house explained the lack of sanctions against Putin

The first press conference of Donald trump after his election as U.S. President in the General election on 8 November last year, is scheduled for January 11, it will be held in new York, trump announced on his Twitter page, writes the New time.

«I will hold a common press conference in new York on January 11. Thank you,» wrote trump.

He confirmed the plans earlier told CNN the nearest assistant elected head of state , Kellyann Conway.

«Initially, as far as I know, it was delayed until January 11. If lawyers and officials on legal and regulatory oversight determines that we are ready, we will stick to this date. In fact everything depends on them,» said Conway.

In the USA the President-elect holds first meeting with journalists a few days after the election. As noted by CNN, this custom is a tribute to the media who trump during election campaign repeatedly criticized for bias and a desire to play along with his opponent — former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

For personal contact with Americans and the Republican media uses Twitter and speeches to the audience in various States. Trump had previously promised for mid-December 2016, a big press conference to tell us how he intends to dispose of the business to avoid conflicts of interest in the performance of duties of the President. On 12 December, a press conference was postponed to early 2017.

As recalled by Reuters, trump publicly expressed doubt that the blame of hacking into American servers should be Russian, as this convinced US intelligence agencies. Previously, it was suggested to discuss with their representatives the issue on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Director of the Central intelligence Agency John Brennan on Tuesday, January 3, in an interview with broadcaster PBS reported that the secret report of US intelligence about alleged hacking attacks on American political institutions will be dedicated solely to Russia and not the whole range of such threats against Washington. It is not explained why the American intelligence and counterintelligence in the preparation of this document focused only on Russia, notes TASS. According to him, the contents of the report will be «exactly what was requested by the President (of the USA Barack Obama): a comprehensive and thorough overview of what has happened in recent elections and the involvement of the Russian side».

At the end of 2016 in connection with hacker attacks, the United States imposed sanctions against Russia. In the black list includes the head of the GRU Igor Korobov and other members of the management of special services — Igor Kostyukov, Vladimir Alekseev, Sergey Lizunov. Also, the sanctions were imposed on Alexey Bilan and Evgeny Bogachev. The position of these people was not reported, but were given their nicknames, from which we can conclude that the American authorities suspect a hacker attack. In addition, under the sanctions were the FSB, the GRU and three Russian organizations.

Last week the United States published an open version of the report about the hacker attacks from Russia during the election campaign, the results of which American President was Donald trump. Campaign activity, which was carried out by the Russian military and civilian intelligence agencies that prepared the report, the FBI and DHS, the US called Grizzly Steppe. In the report we are talking about two attacks in the framework of this activity, when hackers managed to access the archived email correspondence of certain key employees of one of the political parties of the USA — apparently means the Democratic party.

During the presidential campaign in the United States, WikiLeaks published dozens of packets of data, which included the correspondence of members of staff to Hillary Clinton, the defeated candidate of the Democratic party of the United States.

The White house explained the lack of sanctions against Putin

The White house explained why accusations of Russia in the Commission of hacker attacks on the United States during the election campaign was not the sanctions personally against the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Also in the administration of current U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed that on-former consider Russia implicated in cyber attacks.

White house spokesman Josh earnest said during a briefing that the sanctions against heads of state «emergency measure», which can be used only «in certain circumstances». So the press Secretary of the acting President of the United States answered the question of why the anti-Putin was not imposed us sanctions over hack attack, which Washington attributes to Moscow.

However, earnest said that the Obama administration remains confident that the cyber attacks on the United States is Russia.

«Obama is based on the findings of the intelligence services and I am sure that the attacks are Russian», — quotes RIA «news» the representative of the White house.

The question of when will be published the full report of American intelligence about the hacker attacks, Ernest replied that could not give the exact timing. At the same time, according to him, it will happen «before January 20», that is, before the end of the term of office of the Obama administration.

In addition, Ernest said that did not see the interview of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, which also affected the issue of cyber attacks on the United States. Exclusive interview with Assange January 3, published the Fox News channel.

In it the founder of WikiLeaks once again denied the involvement of Russia to publish the email correspondence of the National Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp), the United States and members of the election headquarters of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

«We can say, we have repeatedly stated in recent months that our source — not the government and not (any) state», — said Assange.

He also drew attention that the last representatives of the FBI and the White house has no mention of WikiLeaks.

«It’s very strange,» said Assange.

Intelligence tells Trump about the involvement of Russian hackers. Obama explained the lack of sanctions on Putin 04.01.2017

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