Intelligence: for days on Donbass killed 2 and wounded 3 Russian soldiers

Sunday, February 28, under the Item killed two and wounded three Russian soldiers.

Reported by the Main intelligence Directorate on Monday.

«The next confirmed loss of the Russian troops from the units 1 AK. On February 28, killed two and injured three Russian military personnel from structure of a sabotage group that operated in the direction of Krasnogorovka,» — said in the message.

One of the victims identified is the senior Lieutenant Andrey Krasnoshchekov.

In addition, on the Mariupol direction was also killed a citizen of Russia.

«As a result of careless handling of mines and explosive devices, in the regeneration of minefields around n Sosnovskoye, a soldier was killed engineer company 9th special infantry regiment of the marine corps (Novoazovsk), citizen of Russia , Degas Sergey«, also reported in intelligence.

«The shelling by its forces, was seriously injured soldier of the same regiment Dmitry A. Goncharov, «- said in the message.

In intelligence also noted that fixed the new facts of plunder and export from the territory of temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine to Russia of equipment and material and technical means of industrial facilities.

«On 27 February this year a group of Russian servicemen dismantled and taken to the Russian Federation of equipment of the cement plant, located in Yasinovataya,» he added scouts.

They also reported that you told the SMM of the OSCE information about the availability of tanks, artillery and 122 mm MLRS «Grad» in regions of n of the item Gorlovka, Donetsk, Debaltsevo, Guslistova and Mitkova-Kashkari.

Earlier in the Gur said he was going to check the information about 60 Russian servicemen who died in the 20’s of February. According to intelligence, «on the night of February 23 through the checkpoint Dovzhansky on the territory of Russia removed two coffins with the bodies of officers of the armed forces and five bags containing the remains of bodies of Russian soldiers».

Intelligence: for days on Donbass killed 2 and wounded 3 Russian soldiers 29.02.2016

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