Instead of MH17 was shoot down a Russian passenger liner. But the performers made a mistake and with purpose, and with a space rocket launch — Koch

Famous Russian emigrant and opposition leader Alfred Kokh considers that the tragedy of MH 17 was not originally included in the plans of the Kremlin, and the emphasis was on defeat air defenses on behalf of the Ukrainian side EN route to Rostov-on-don passenger side. Thus, he said, the organizers of this provocation were hoping to get more «base» for a future war with Ukraine and even full-scale military invasion.

Their vision of this situation, the policies outlined in Facebook.

«They wanted to bring down another (!) the plane, which was flying at the same time close to the «Boeing» and also at heights available only to «Buku». And the other was was so important and valuable for the Russian authorities (without the consent which, of course, no «Buk» would not give) that they decided on such a complex and risky operation, » writes Koch. — It is known that near MH17 was not a single military aircraft, but flew three passenger aircraft. One of them was a Russian plane flying from Moscow to Rostov-on-don».

According to Koch, in the Wake of the «Crimean euphoria» the Kremlin, arguing that the wind of history «blowing in his sails, decided to implement the project «Novorossiya». «And not by organizations seperatists movements of criminals and misfits, and direct military intervention,» he says.

«For this he needed a Casus belli — a formal reason for declaring war. Shot down over the territory of Ukraine of the Russian civilian aircraft was a good fit for this. In any case, he could justify the introduction of troops and conduct their own investigation. It is unlikely the international community strongly protested… Well, since the plane would have been Russian, and the result would lead Russian specialists. Ukrainians, of course, he would not be allowed. And the findings of the investigation, you know, it wouldn’t have been. Suffice it to recall that in similar circumstances the Soviet investigators (after, of course, «a thorough and impartial investigation») has accused the Nazis of the Katyn shootings,» says Koch.

However, the security operation disrupted, as he put it, «inept Russian rocketeer»:

«…Having gone a long way pulnul in another plane and everything turned out so clumsy that it is now unclear what to do… an Incident an incident, but not the belly — that’s for sure. It’s always there, will begin a beautiful mnogohodovok, and some mu*AK — is gonna fuck everything up».

Koh also cites the theory that the crew of «Buka», which we put into the GPS the name of the settlement is needed to the shot, just messed up the end of the title, in connection with what is Pervomayskiy near the demarcation line, went in Pervomayskoye near located in the rear of Russian-terrorist troops of Snow. While the rocket with the village may day (not may day) could be interpreted as the actions of the Ukrainian side.

These considerations can be explained by the fact that APIPA «Buka» first came from Russia to Donetsk, and then later in the Day.

It is also worth noting that the intercept of the SBU is also featured.

As reported, on 28 September, the international investigation team announced that the plane «Malaysian airlines’ flight MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014 from SAM «Buk», which was transferred from the territory of Russia. It also led evidence that the plane was shot down by a missile 9M38, which is used in modern versions of Russian air defense missile systems «Buk», which is not in service in Ukraine. The international investigation also noted that the missile launch was carried out from the territory that is not controlled by the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Instead of MH17 was shoot down a Russian passenger liner. But the performers made a mistake and with purpose, and with a space rocket launch — Koch 02.10.2016

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