InoPressa. Why is the «heavyweight» speaker to allow Putin to shame?

Tuesday snowy Moscow woke up «the kick drums» by arresting the acting Minister for a bribe of $ 2 million. But Putin did not «deliver» senior officials, no matter what crimes they’ve done. The speaker lost the war Sechin, who is «taking no prisoners»? The persecution of the speaker are in line with the General ousting of the liberals from the apparatus of power, in mass media. Besides, Putin needs a major corruption case.

«On Tuesday, the Russians have heard about the incredible scandal: Minister of economic development were arrested on charges of extorting $ 2 million,» writes Neil MacFarquhar in The New York Times. 60-year-old Alexei Ulyukayev, a liberal «heavyweight» with a distinctive flattop, was arrested during a night RAID that reminded of the Soviet practice in relation to fallen out of favor officials.

Speaker accused of soliciting a bribe of 2 million dollars in «Rosneft» as «gratitude» for the support of the acquisition of its stake in Bashneft. This is a rare corruption case outside the red walls of the Kremlin and largely raised the curtain on a large-scale behind-the-scenes struggle within the ruling elite, writes MacFarquhar.

«The Kremlin and its allies, with difficulty trying to rectify the situation in the economy, «wetland» during the two years of recession, looking for a life raft, according to analysts. Error Ulyukayev was publicly questioning their methods,» the article says.

«If you look at it from this standpoint, the speaker punished because he initially tried to prevent the expansion of spheres of influence, «Rosneft» through the purchase of «Bashneft». In a broader sense, the arrest was a warning from the increasingly dominant security that no one can argue with them,» writes MacFarquhar.

As the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin has approximately $ 15 billion. Sechin sale of state assets sends the money directly to the Russian Treasury. It also increases his power, although there is a small snag in the form of law requires that state assets sold into private hands, said the journalist.

Sechin wanted the deal, despite the law and a broad negative public perception: that the elite once again, as in the 1990s, evil took possession of raw materials. «The speaker was trying to put it off, but Putin has supported it, although initially doubted,» reads the article.

«Sechin is known that «taking no prisoners» as soon as someone challenged him, so the charges of bribery against Ulyukayev was interpreted as a revenge», — the author writes.

Proponents of the release believe that the purpose of the extortion scandal could hurt Rosneft, to show that she was the source of corruption, and thus to weaken the position of Sechin, the journalist continues.

A number of experts suggest that what is happening demonstrates the growing influence of the security forces. As said independent political analyst Kirill Rogov, «this is directly related to the fact that the FSB new people is a new position and want to expand their sphere of influence.»

«In recent years, Putin is quite consistent and makes clear that senior officials are not immune from allegations of corruption,» writes Bloomberg View columnist Leonid Bershidsky. And yet the arrest of the Minister Alexei Ulyukayev stands out above the rest, he said. The story Ulyukaev calls into question the future economic and Putin’s team, and the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin.

According to Bershidsky, after the annexation of Crimea and the collapse in oil prices, Putin «probably don’t like the crony capitalism of the first decade of the twenty-first century (or Putin can no longer contain it, not creating his disappointment), and now he wants to get the country mobilized, militarysurplus, imbued with patriotism and took up a perimeter defense from a hypothetical Western threats and the associated economic difficulties.»

To announce the change, Putin needed to investigate corruption.

«Although investigators have not accused neither «Rosneft» nor Sechin in any wrongdoing and did not contest the legality of the transaction, a former insider of Rosneft told me that the ultimate target of the investigation is possibly Sechin,» the author writes about the «case speaker». «At the same time Putin «thins» his entourage — perhaps he is concerned about disproportionately-large impact Sechin».

«The arrest of the speaker there is at least some logic, if it is a step to disgrace Sechin, says Bershidsky. But Putin’s «oil king» is not leaving without a fight. If Sechin will win and retain control of Rosneft, Putin agreed to the arrest of the speaker may only weaken his economic team, giving in return only a dubious PR benefit from the anti-corruption campaign, which is a Fig leaf.»

In Russia, removed from office and placed under house arrest by the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, writes Anna Nemtsova in The Daily Beast. «This sounded unusual to the Russian ear, as Putin is famous for the fact that does not hold the highest officials, no matter what crimes they’ve done, almost never», — the journalist notes.

The speaker’s arrest and the charges against him have surprised many well-known and alleged cases of corruption in the government imply, as a rule, not millions, but billions. In addition, in the case of criminal charges against senior officials would normally be expected of a movie with an incredible amount of evidence. However, Russia showed the Minister Ulyukayev receiving stuffed with hundred dollar bills bags, writes the journalist. According to «Novaya Gazeta», $ 2 million was placed in the Deposit box, close to where the speaker is not even seen.

In Russia has long been boiling on low heat war between the officials in the security forces who came from the ranks of the army, the GRU and the KGB, and the so-called «liberal elites.» For a long time Putin has used the strife to preserve checks and balances, allowing him to stay on top. Now, however, the tension overflows, Nemtsov writes.

On Tuesday, Vice-President of Transparency International Elena Panfilova told The Daily Beast: «I’m not surprised by the arrest of the Minister, that the security forces punched their way to their beloved government.»

«Why Russia had to see this dirty public scandal — a fight between the most powerful people? Some believe that this is a warning to everyone,» — says the article.

Tuesday winter in snow-covered Moscow «awakened political strike the drums,» writes the correspondent of the Neue Zuercher Zeitung Daniel Wehlin on the night of the arrest of the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev. He is suspected of «trying to get rich on $ 2 million in the sale of the company from state-controlled energy sector».

In principle, there is nothing striking, according to Wahlin: corruption remains one of Russia’s greatest scourges. Despite the presence of new regulatory bodies and numerous decrees, Russia in the rating of corruption by Transparency International he takes the 119th place out of 168.

In 2012, as recalled by the author, to resign over a corruption scandal had to resign, defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Problems in connection with the fraud with the navigation system GLONASS was the ex-head of the Kremlin administration, longtime associate of Putin, Sergei Ivanov. «Activists constantly report on luxury property of the Russian political elite, which exposes the falsity of all sentences these people about democracy, legal state, patriotism and love of country,» writes Wahlin.

«Guilty or not Ulyukayev, the Russian elite will remain a secondary issue, the author says. It’s an allusion to the fact that no one, no matter what position is not protected from persecution». Also, the arrest «could be read as a disciplinary measure to curb the Kremlin’s competing clans and taming too greedy characters.»

The persecution of the speaker «quite fit into the overall picture: the liberal wing in the apparatus of the Russian government increasingly gives way to hardliners-conservatives», the journalist added.

60-year anniversary in March Alexei Ulyukayev has received a lot of praise and gifts: Prime Minister Medvedev awarded him the medal «For long service and conscientious work,» the head of state Bank VTB himself wrote a poem in honor of the poet-lover’s speaker, which wanted him to work in the government up to 100 years, while President Putin gave the history book and pointed out that the hero of the day «and still writes poetry», the article says the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine.

According to the authors of Friedrich Schmidt and Benjamin’s Tribe, «it’s a hobby speaker could play a role on Tuesday as one of the attempts to explain why the Minister was so disgraced: state media literally got on top of the license to shoot him».

In the official version of his alleged crimes is striking is the fact that the Minister had no leverage over Rosneft, noted: «Rosneft» bought «Bashneft» will not only government regulation but also with the approval of the Kremlin. Former Central Bank Chairman Sergei Dubinin adds: «I do find it hard to imagine the man who extorted the bribe from Igor Sechin».

In any case, the Minister «took on the fly without the consent of Putin,» emphasizes the Frankfurter Allgemeine. By the way, from the security services became aware that «the design was taken and others». Threat, intimidation — but against whom? — journalists write.

«First of all, it can be a circle of so-called «systemic liberals» in the government, that is, people who hold liberal views in the economy, but continued to serve Putin,» say the authors.

«Reactionary-nationalist camp observed the gloating over the arrest of speaker», notice Schmidt and the Tribe. Political forces like «National liberation movement» one of the deputies of the state Duma speaker and think «system liberals,» «traitors, from which you want to «clean up» the government.

In turn, the former head of FSB Nikolai Kovalev, now a parliamentarian, recalled «blacken Russia poem» speaker from 2011, in which he wrote: «Go, my son, go from here» where «is not necessarily a step forward five steps back» and «where it is not always escort platoon for small children thrown out,» reports the publication.

For the first time in Russia’s recent history against the Minister accused of corruption. Experts believe that the arrest of a senior official — a result of intense «trench wars», writes Die Zeit.

«The fact that a few months ago began as a farce, in one night can turn into a tragedy. At least Alexei Ulyukayev, as well as for a large part of the liberal economic bloc of the Russian government,» — said the correspondent of the Maxim Kireev, calling it a «farce» originally conceived as a privatization sale of state shares of «Bashneft».

The government, especially the Minister Ulyukayev has opposed this alleged privatization. Open criticism of Putin by the speaker, a supporter of the market rate development of the economy while avoiding. In the end he lost the war Sechin, who received approval for the acquisition of «Bashneft» from Putin himself. This not only draws attention to an opaque «trench warfare» behind the Kremlin walls, but also makes us think about the true balance of power in the higher echelons of power, the journalist writes.

Unlike the official version, in opposition circles believe that Sechin got even with his rival.

«Many political experts, — continues the correspondent, — tend to see the arrest of the speaker signs a confusing struggle for power between various Kremlin camps. In favour of this interpretation speaks the information that the speaker was in the «development» of the FSB for about a year, and a year ago about the sale of government’s stake in Bashneft was out of the question».

«To extort $ 2 million for the approval of a transaction for the purchase of «Bashneft» is very similar to fiction. $ 2 million — is the level of Deputy mayor of the city,» — said the Deputy Director of «Transparency International — Russia» Ilya Shumanov. According to experts, after the deal was approved by Putin, Ulyukayev could not prevent it. In addition, in Russia are not uncommon when accusations of corruption are put forward to disguise the quite different interests.

After the meeting, the chief of the Kremlin with Prime Minister Medvedev, it was announced that the dissolution of the Cabinet will not be presents further developments of the author. «The government in any case will be weakened by this scandal. If allegations of corruption are confirmed, it will be a severe blow to the image of a reform-oriented government camp. If the accusations remain without evidence for supporters of reform will be as difficult to attract new people,» the article says.

Near the speaker there’s still hope for a positive outcome, albeit a Ministerial position, he has already lost. Moscow court upholds ex-Minister under house arrest. «Soft decision on the basis of serious accusations, of course, was a fertile ground for further speculation,» concluded Kira.

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