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The tragedy in Aleppo, as cynical as it may sound, was the culmination of Putin’s triumphant March 2016, the media are writing. Germany refuses to negotiate with Assad even after the return of Aleppo under his control. The us military is trying to destroy a Russian weapons captured by ISIL in Palmyra. Iran at the expense of the victory in Aleppo promoting its own agenda in the region. NATO does not want to exacerbate the situation by interfering.

The German authorities refused to hold direct talks with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad even after returning to Aleppo under the control of the Syrian army, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine.

«Assad is merely a means to achieve the goals for Russia and Iran,» — said the publication Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on foreign policy, Norbert röttgen.

Sources in the German foreign Ministry told the newspaper that the capture of Aleppo did not affect the point of view of the Federal government to Assad. «In the long term we don’t see a future with Assad, — said the foreign policy expert of the SPD parliamentary group Niels Annen. — Nevertheless, we must recognize a new reality: victory in Aleppo had strengthened the regime in Damascus».

German foreign policy experts fear collusion of Russia and Turkey. As said Röttgen, «in this case, West faces a diplomatic disaster». Annen also does not exclude that «Moscow can accept the presence of Turkey in Northern Syria, which Ankara opposes the Kurds, if it will no longer support Assad’s opponents».

«For Moscow, a truce in Aleppo became the apotheosis of its intervention in the fighting» «she was able to pass himself off as a peacemaker after 15 months of bombing of the opposition group», says Martin Chulov, correspondent of The Guardian. However, «for Tehran to allow the remaining civilians and rebel fighters to go meant a possible loss of influence — just as the role of Iran on the field of battle began to overshadow the Russian.»

So a few hours after Turkey and Russia announced the deal, Iran sabotaged her, demanding to remove the siege of the two surrounded by «jabhat al Fateh al-sham» Shia villages North of Aleppo and an exchange of prisoners and dead bodies.

«Victory in Aleppo is of great importance for both sides, however, when the dust settles, it will be seen that it is more important for Iran» that seeks to gain influence and promote their agenda in the strategic heart of the region, the author.

«Iran doesn’t want Sunnis from Damascus to the Lebanese border,» said one senior Lebanese official.

Putin resumed its influence in the region by the USA, which, in his opinion, if Barack Obama renounced the role that they played decades, the article says. And Donald trump is not very interested in her return. Probably, Russia has returned to the middle East to stay, but its influence will be tested for strength by the zeal of the newly-minted regional heavyweight — Iran, the article says.

The American military in Syria are trying to detect and destroy Russian weapons, captured by the extremists of the «Islamic state» during the assault on Palmyra, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Pentagon officials argue that the «Islamic state» captured military equipment, including anti-aircraft complex s-125, which can shoot down aircraft at an altitude of 16 thousand feet. Military say that the militants do not know how to deal with this complex. The technique was captured at a military airfield Tias 11-13 Dec.

The head of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg in his interview to the German Bild has opposed NATO’s military operation in Syria: «We see in Syria is a terrible humanitarian disaster. (…) The Alliance partners came to the conclusion that the use of military force will make a terrible situation even worse». Stoltenberg said: «We risk unleashing a much larger regional conflict,» «the innocent victims will be even more.»

Syria, trump, «Brickset» and disorder in the West for the Kremlin 2016 became supergogo, writes columnist for the «Frankfurter Allgemeine» Markus Vener.

«Aleppo has fallen, as provided for by the Russian scenario. The West had no strategy for Syria, was assigned the role of extras, — says the journalist. Politicians in Berlin, Paris and Washington responded with clichés embarrassment». Earlier day by day in the direction of Moscow flew the words that a military solution in Syria can not be. «But Putin replied that it is and the game winner is the one who uses brute force,» — said in the article.

The tragedy in Aleppo, as cynical as it may sound, was the culmination of Putin’s victory March. «In its unannounced war against liberal democracies, Russia has achieved a lot — emphasizes Venus. For example, no unity of the West no longer exists. In the US, not without help of Russian special services elected a President who wants to serve Moscow and questioned transatlantic Pact.» Even «Breksi» showed Russia that «reality is increasingly beginning to resemble its propaganda image, namely: the West is in decline».

Now «Putin may hope that the West will go to his demand without any major concessions,» the journalist continues.

Meanwhile in the world there is a country that more than others prevents Putin to achieve his goals, is Germany. First of all, is opposed to Putin , Angela Merkel. If earlier «the main enemy of Russia was the USA, now this role could be for Germany,» the article says.

The Spanish El Pais in an editorial article identifies three elements of the current tensions between Russia and the West. In the first place is Ukraine. «Although the EU is not interested in further course of confrontation with Moscow aggression against Ukraine is so serious a violation of international law that it cannot be ignored otherwise there is a risk to give Putin a carte Blanche to new aggressive actions against European neighbors,» — writes the edition.

«The second serious area of friction — the Russian intervention in the war in Syria, which started under the pretext of the fight against jihadism, «Islamic state», but in reality, strengthened the dictatorship of Assad and spurred the Exodus of refugees to Europe.» Europe did not go to ground military intervention, fearing escalation of the conflict, but the European leaders firmly announced that Moscow and Tehran will have to bear responsibility for their war crimes, especially the capture of Aleppo, the article says.

The third front of the conflict — the alleged involvement of Russian hackers in the election campaign in the United States.

In 1991, the West hoped to coexist with the democratic, open to the world by Russia, but Putin later took the course of confrontation in order to justify its drift toward political authoritarianism. El Pais believes that the West is ready to lend a helping hand to Putin, but he «will come up against the hardness and rejection, if not to respect the rules that guarantee peace and security in the international arena».

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