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For the first time since 1945, the United States chose the President, who is not interested in world leadership.

Kissinger affirmed: «no one knows anything about his foreign policy.» The foundations of the West as a concept, based on shared values? — write media. Berlin and Brussels for the emergency EU meeting was intended to Trump the signal about the European expectations, but London goes his own way, hoping to soften his most extreme views.

Britain and France ignored an emergency meeting of foreign Ministers EU countries, which took place on Sunday with the aim to agree on a common EU approach to the election trump and «to signal that the EU expects» of him, reports The Financial Times. But the foreign Ministers of the two largest military powers, the EU has refused to come to the meeting, which was demanded by Berlin and Brussels.

European capitals it is difficult to agree on a common response to the advent of trump — a man who questioned the U.S. commitment to NATO and the commitment to free trade, and hinted at the desire for a rapprochement with Putin, the article says.

British officials said that the meeting in Brussels creates an atmosphere of panic. The foreign Minister of France Herault chose to remain in Paris to meet with the new UN Secretary General. «The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary boycotted the meeting, calling the reaction of some EU leaders «hysterical», — reports the newspaper.

The author comments: «the Election trump in combination with a vote for British exit from the EU resulted in calls for a full revision of the foreign and defense policy of the EU. Berlin and Paris demanded closer integration». The London maneuvers to maintain its position as the main European ally of the US.

«In the secret memo of the British Ambassador to the United States openly sets out how London plans to influence the presidency of Donald trump that he had helped to defend British national interests», — the journalist reports The Sunday Times Tim Shipman.

The Ambassador, sir Kim Darroch «wrote boastfully that the UK is better than any other country, is able to direct the foreign policy of the new U.S. President and to encourage «evolution» of his most extreme ideas,» the article says.

«Sources in the British government circles say that the Ministers, generals and heads of intelligence agencies are now planning how to influence trump on issues such as NATO, Iran, Russia, and immigration. This is an attempt to ensure that the UK has benefited from the victory trump and curb his most extreme views,» the article says.

In a memo of Darroch said: «the President-Elect — mostly the «people side» and the unknown variable, whose statements during the election campaign may reveal his instinctual impulses, but it will certainly evolve and, in particular, will be open to external influence, if it is properly filed».

The newspaper commented: the publicity notes potentially puts the British government in an uncomfortable position, but explains why Mei and the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson in recent days, trying to charm the surroundings of the trump.

Johnson boycotted the informal meeting of foreign Ministers EU countries, which discussed the winning trump. As he explained, victory trump is a «manifestation of democracy», not a crisis, threat to the West.

According to the newspaper, «Mae this week in his first major speech on foreign policy declares that it is impossible to ignore the discontent of globalization that became the impetus for «Broksita» and the victory of trump.»

An unnamed source in the British Cabinet said: «One of the priorities of the government is to perform that mean for the UK statements trump about NATO» and «as the warm attitude of the tramp toward Putin’s Russia can have an impact on counter-terrorism strategy and policy on the Syrian track».

«Among the first world leaders who congratulated Donald trump, Vladimir Putin. Where’s the surprise?» — said in an editorial The New York Times.

«Just when relations between Russia and the West have reached the most dangerous point since the cold war, trump began to defend Russia and win against attempts by Moscow to influence the presidential campaign,» the article says.

«Few experts believe that Russia wants war with the West, but many worried that Putin’s aggressive actions in line with his attempts to revive the greatness of Russia (and simultaneously to mask the problems within the country), can lead to some dangerous miscalculations that often turn into armed conflicts,» the newspaper writes.

«Obama did not want to admit revanchist Putin’s goal, like other Western leaders. When the threat is obvious, America and its allies can’t afford to trump has made the same mistake. Need for a pragmatic revision of U.S.-Russian relations,» the article says.

The Kremlin’s willingness to cooperate with trump’s can be used for good purposes. May influence trump Putin will be enough to convince him to comply with agreements on arms control.

Putin should have no doubt: the United States and its allies will defend their principles and values, despite the fact that they remain open for cooperation when their interests coincide. This is the essence of the challenge to Trump, concludes The New York Times.

Recently, the «Moscow enjoys the role of «kingmaker» who «makes the king,» writes columnist of the Frankfurter Rundschau Stefan Scholl. Although Putin recently insisted that Russia can not influence the results of elections in the United States, since America is not some banana country, however, all political forces in Russia for a few days to discuss how decisive was the «Russian factor» in the victory trump.

Pro-Kremlin analyst Sergei Markov predicted Angela Merkel the same defeat in the elections to the Bundestag next fall, which suffered a declared opponent of Putin, Hillary Clinton.

Loyal to the Kremlin TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov also believes in the «tectonic changes» in the world after «Brekzita» and the triumph of trump. Even Russian liberal experts say that «Western liberal democracy was in crisis, resulting in the victory of the populists logical,» reports the author of the material.

«After the British exit the European Union continues to come apart at the seams,» said writer-nationalist Zakhar Prilepin in comments to Russia Today. The writer is confident that French voters «even once or twice deceived,» but «the third time, Le Pen will come to power». «But Merkel will not be freedom of action, as in Germany, by that time will elect Putin.»

«Now is not the time to question the value of partnership between Europe and the United States,» writes NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an article published by The Guardian.

In recent years the security situation has deteriorated sharply since «Russia has become more assertive, and in North Africa and the middle East began to stammer». The Alliance has taken action, the biggest since the cold war, to strengthen NATO’s collective defence. «This is deterrence, not aggression,» — emphasizes the author.

For the sustainability of a partnership requires all the participants did a fair contribution to it, recognizes the difference between them and US, which carry 70% of defense spending of NATO, has rightly called for a more equitable distribution of this burden.

«Too easy to take for granted the freedom, safety and prosperity that we enjoy, the article says. In these turbulent times we need strong American leadership, the Europeans need to take on a fair share of the load. To swim alone is not an option, neither for Europe nor for the United States».

«For the first time since 1945, the United States chose the President, who is not interested in world leadership. Europe is in an ambiguous situation», — said the Le Monde journalist Sylvia Kaufman.

Ends the era of «benevolent hegemonic» role of the United States, inherited from the Second world war and the cold war era and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington was the leader of the free world, standing at the head of the West, the article says.

«The basic idea underlying the international order for 79 years, was completely absent in the presidential campaign of Donald trump,» said the author.

«When the Republican candidate promised to «return America to its greatness», he was talking about economic prosperity. «Working with allies to resolve the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, to play the role of leader of the West, to help Greece — this is not in his program. If Donald trump mentioned values, it values work and success, but not human rights and not universal values — draws attention to the journalist. — Criticizing China, he does so on a commercial career, and not in the field of civil liberties.»

«What is the West? During the cold war the notion was a block of democratic countries with market economies, as opposed to the Soviet Communist bloc. By the end of the cold war from which the West emerged victorious, this concept has become more vague — under it began to mean «a democratic and open state, in contrast to the emerged alternative models, which can be seen in action in Russia, China and Turkey: authoritarian capitalism under the control of a strong man,» writes the author.

With the election trump Europe was the antithesis of Washington. All Of Europe? Not quite, says Kaufman. In London the government Theresa may, came to power due to vote on «Broksita», sees trump support for his strategy of withdrawal. «Axis of London-Washington, the embodiment of which in 1980-e years was the tandem Reagan-Thatcher can be reconstructed around the tandem tramp-Mei, but in the opposite dynamic,» says Kaufman.

According to her, «Angela Merkel has fallen to the role of standard-bearer of universal values of the free world, the heir of which now appears to the European Union.»

«The struggle against Islamism could to re-unite the West — if only trump would not wish to attach to it, Vladimir Putin», — said the journalist.

In an interview with the Atlantic on the question of how he sees the presidency trump, 93-year-old Henry Kissinger said, «Anybody doesn’t know anything about his foreign policy. So, we enter the period of observation. I would say the frenzied period of observation».

«You can add that also in a period of strong hassle,» sums up Kaufman.

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