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A breakthrough in peace talks on Syria to Kazakhstan would give Moscow the chance to start a relationship with trump in a strong position, but on the first day, the participants quarreled. Assad imagine conference in Astana as a prelude to the surrender of opponents, the media write. USA and Russia are not yet conducting joint combat missions over Syria, but apparently, trump is pushing for this Pentagon.

«The first six years of civil war, meeting face-to-face Syrian rebels and government officials ended abruptly Monday: typeregular quickly turned into harsh criticism and counter-accusations», — the correspondent of The New York Times in a report from Astana.

According to the authors, the talks organized by Russia and Turkey, are intended «to demonstrate a more dominant role in diplomacy, as well as its new understanding with the government of Turkey, one of the main supporters of the rebels.»

However, the «Syrian delegation almost immediately started to argue and refused direct talks.»

Observers did not expect much progress at this meeting. «Many diplomats and analysts say secret talks held in recent months between Russia, Turkey and Iran are more significant,» write the authors.

Obama «resisted deepening U.S. intervention in the Syrian conflict,» remind correspondents, while trump «showed broad support for the Russian leadership and policy and has sent contradictory signals on Syria».

«Officially, all parties to the Syrian conflict to formulate the aim of the talks in Astana as a confirmation of the fragile cease-fire in order to revive the Geneva talks», — stated in the publication. If this can be achieved, according to the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, will open the way to discussion of more significant political issues at the talks in Geneva in February.

How do you think Russia and Damascus, the framework of the Geneva talks, «does not require the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad»; the Syrian opposition has insisted on the opposite. «In fact, more and more Western countries, including the United States and even some supporters of the rebels in the middle East, such as Turkey, approached the Russian position,» the authors write.

«Talks on Syria were opened Monday in the capital of Kazakhstan under the auspices of Russia, Turkey and Iran, writes the correspondent of Le Monde, Benjamin Bart, first describing the organizers of the meeting.

Moscow, inviting power. «After the victory in Aleppo the Kremlin is committed to the diplomatic victory at Astana, able to consolidate its role of the main driving forces in the middle East. A breakthrough in the capital of Kazakhstan would allow Moscow to start relations with the new American administration was in a strong position,» — said in the article.

Moscow wants to demonstrate that it is more productive to negotiate with representatives of armed groups and not with the Higher Committee on negotiations, diplomatic Executive body of the opponents of Assad, says the author.

Ankara is interested curator of armed groups. «For a long time Turkey was the vanguard of the struggle against Assad on the regional stage, but recently she has moved the center of gravity in the fight against the Kurdish separatists and jihadists from ISIL. «If a dozen of these groups have agreed to sit down at the negotiating table with their Russian executioner, it is partly because of pressure from the Turkish authorities,» says Bart.

Tehran, stern patron of Damascus. In Astana, Iran needs to follow to find a defense mechanism of the ceasefire that best favors the Assad government.

The author goes to the negotiating parties.

The Syrian regime is in a strong position. The Syrian government is represented in Astana by its permanent representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari, who participated in the previous two rounds of talks in Geneva. «Damascus does not want to settle for simple updated agreement on the cease-fire. Bashar al-Assad, he said last week, imagine a conference in Astana as a prelude to the surrender of his opponents, whom he insists on calling «terrorists,» the article says.

Exhausted rebels. The delegation of the Syrian opposition in Astana consists of representatives of various armed groups. «Not yet survived the shock of the loss of Aleppo, the rebels are forced to enter the negotiations (…) on the strengthening of the vitally needed ceasefire, the release of prisoners and delivery of humanitarian assistance,» writes the author. He believes that the rebels «to maintain contact with the Russians» because «the Americans and the Europeans left them brutally».

The author calls only observers at the talks the U.S., EU and UN. In addition, closely monitor their progress Wahhabis who are not jihadists (two important armed groups refused to come to Astana: the Wahhabis «Ahrar al-sham» Islamists «Noureddine al-Zinki»), as well as the jihadists from the «Islamic state» and «jabhat al Fatah ash-sham», not invited to Astana.

Why the conference on Syria is held in Astana, not in Geneva, Minsk or new York? writes political columnist Sueddeutsche Zeitung Frank Nienhuysen.

To negotiate in this country was the idea of Russia and Kazakhstan gratefully accepted. «Russia in military-political terms is an important patron of Kazakhstan, Turkey — close trading partner, certain contacts he has with middle Eastern countries,» — said the expert on Central Asia of the German Foundation of science and politics Sebastian Chic. «Moreover, President Nazarbayev has contributed to the fact that after a serious conflict Russia and Turkey so quickly established a relationship,» he said.

The role of a master of negotiations «gives the President of Kazakhstan, ruling for more than 20 years, the opportunity to show themselves and their country as international mediator». The journalist recalls that the same role during the conflict in Ukraine took on the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Kazakhstan has long sought to play an important role in world Affairs. A few years ago, the country chaired the OSCE, and in the years 2017-2018 will be a non-permanent member of the UN security Council. At the same time, due to vast territory of Kazakhstan is a key state for the expansion of trade routes of the ambitious Chinese project «silk road», the article says.

The white house has signaled that President trump will be ready for military cooperation with Russia in the fight against «Islamic state», reports The Los Angeles Times.

«However, the point of the national defence Act, which was first passed by Congress in late 2014 and then updated strictly limits the ability of the Pentagon to cooperate with Russia», — stated in the article.

US and Russia conduct military campaign against ISIS, the newspaper reminds.

The Kremlin has repeatedly tested the ground on the further deepening of cooperation with the United States in the field of exchange of intelligence and information retrieval in the Syrian war, but the Pentagon is worried such an agreement in any form. «The Russian army has been regularly bombed by Syrian hospitals, schools and civilian objects in addition to unpunished dropping cluster bombs and incendiary munitions, according to U.S. officials, factions of the Syrian rebels and independent observers,» — the newspaper notes.

«No, American and Russian aircraft have not conducted joint combat missions over Syria. Yet,» reports David Axe at The Daily Beast.

«This is a startling statement, which was disseminated in the American media day January 23, 2017, began with vague and confusing tweet by the Associated Press, based apparently on incorrect reading of reports in Russian state media,» the article says.

The author tells how there was confusion, and then writes: «it is Easy to see what benefits Russia receives from news reports that the United States and Russia are fighting in Syria side-by-side. In the end, it seems that Donald trump is pushing the Pentagon in that direction.»

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