InoPressa. Who and what is a «window of opportunity» will open trump?

NTV difficult: «trump our» and the chief editor of RT ready to travel with the USA flag in the window of the car, reported by the Western observers. Minister Ulyukayev said that Russia offers a good opportunity. Meanwhile, the trump during the race «went in zigzags,» and experts still find it difficult to estimates and projections. On Sunday, the foreign Ministers of EU countries will discuss the implications of the victory of the trump.

While in many regions of the world «victory of Donald Ramp caused skepticism, shock, and even protests from Russia we hear the joyful comments,» writes Christina Hebel in Der Spiegel. State TV channel «NTV» gleefully reported that «trump our», the chief editor of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan wrote on Twitter that now in Moscow it is necessary to ride with US flags in the Windows of cars, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated that «Republicans should expect only good, and the United States and Russia will soon become allies.» According to the journalist, «Zhirinovsky voiced what he thinks, but is afraid to declare officially the Kremlin.»

However, the trump during the election campaign «went zigzagging» and made conflicting statements, the article says. Experts on foreign policy acknowledge that «can hardly judge the new person in the White house.» Trump does not even have a team of diplomats, and that makes him «the future course is unpredictable.»

Chief editor of the magazine «Russia in global politics» Fyodor Lukyanov believes that «relations between the two countries is unlikely to change». «Nobody knows what will happen next. Everyone will see what will happen, including Russia. Let’s enjoy the show,» said Lukyanov.

Russia at anybody is not relied in this election campaign in the United States, said in an interview with Die Welt, the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, however, the President trump may be free from those obligations assumed Clinton, being part of the system.

Ulyukayev cautioned against euphoria in connection with the trump of victory: «I remember well all of the expectations that were associated with Barack Obama eight years ago. The result was quite different».

But, commenting on the situation with economic sanctions the US and the EU, the Minister pointed out that «opens the so-called window of opportunity, in other words, a good opportunity.» «How we use it, depends on us and our partners.»

According to Ulyukayev, the Russian economy has adapted to Western sanctions and today they «are already symbolic.» Europe is divided on this issue. «At the national level, goodwill is present, at least in most States, the so — called old Europe,» the Minister said. And in Brussels, he says, it is «stifled by bureaucracy».

«In December, apparently will be extended the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia for its intervention in Ukraine,» reports The Financial Times. Sunday will be a special lunch where the foreign Ministers of EU countries will discuss the implications of the victory of the trump. They must decide how to respond, if trump makes good on his campaign rhetoric into practice.

«Any conclusions concerning policy are expected. But a senior diplomat said the meeting was aimed to guarantee the preservation of the Ministers of the General political position before joining trump to power,» the article says.

As for the EU sanctions against Russia, «the diplomat said Germany and France will insist on the continuation of the EU sanctions after the end of December, if Russia, as expected, did nothing to implement the Minsk agreement».

But Italy, Hungary and Greece plead for the easing of sanctions, reminds the author.

«Now the question arose: what if some attempts by trump to communicate with Putin would entail easing of US sanctions and prompted some EU countries to call for similar mitigation in Europe? Diplomats said that any such change in the US policy can influence «the unity of the member States» on the Ukrainian question», — the newspaper writes.

«When trump there is no such thing as the West» — said the German political scientist Herfried Munkler. He stated this in an interview with Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger.

«The world will be much more difficult if the United States begins to carry out the nationalist and protectionist policies,» as promised in the trump up to the election. If the United States «would withdraw from the Treaty on climate change, a nuclear agreement with Iran and free trade agreements in the future no one will follow them,» said Moncler.

If trump’s foreign policy will become «more isolationist, as he promised, it will mean neither more nor less than an end to the U.S. role as «world policeman». And world history has taught us that the sunsets «world’s policeman» has always followed times of war. As an example, the analyst cited «the decline of the UK in the late XIX — early XX centuries, which resulted in a power vacuum, triggering competition between the other European States that became one of the causes of the First world war».

Currently, «if the countries of the second or even the third rank when you try to attack a neighbor will no longer be afraid to get on the hands of «world policeman» the US, they will not hesitate to do it.»

Partial departure of the Americans, writes Moncler, «inspire neo-Imperial ambitions of Russia and Turkey, and will also lead to conflict over regional hegemony by the example of those that we are now witnessing in the middle East with the Saudis and Iranians». «If Japan will no longer be confidence in the nuclear shield of the United States, it is to protect from North Korea will begin to build its own weapons, which, in turn, will affect China. And so on,» — said the source publication.

«In General, the term «the West» shrink, you will lose the contours of their identity. When this trump of the West, which we are accustomed to speak of since the Second world war will no longer be», — concluded Moncler.

«According to the Russian Interfax news Agency, Moscow was in contact with various members of the team of Donald trump during the election campaign,» writes The Christian Science Monitor. This information came from the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov. During the campaign, trump denied any connection with Russia, recalls the author.

«Although the disclosure of this information prior to election day might have changed the opinion of some voters,» writes the correspondent, in General, their «indifferent, and perhaps even encouraged, its obvious ties with Russia».

This kind of interaction between the election headquarters of the candidate and a foreign power under ordinary circumstances would not be considered extraordinary, said Michael Desch, University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

But the situation in relations between Russia and the tramp is a little different, the author notes, referring to the «alleged Russian hackers hacking the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party and outspoken support for trump in this country.» Moreover, the alleged links of trump with the Russian business community seized the imagination of some of his critics tend to share the conspiracy theory, the article says.

«We have never had a President who was a businessman-a billionaire — says Professor at the University of new haven Matthew Schmidt. We don’t know what to think about this kind of business relations with other world leaders, whether they represent a significant conflict of interest».

Besnik Pula from the Polytechnic University of Virginia explained that «trump seem to be able to neutralize the claims and accusations of ties with the Russian regime», using the «distrust that many Americans have for politics leaders and to the media.»

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