InoPressa. What will happen in Syria and in Europe, if Assad and Putin will destroy the opposition?

Due to the looming defeat of antiasadovskih rebels in Aleppo in the country may not remain anyone except the forces of the regime and the ISIL. Hopes for talks involving the opposition will collapse and the EU will continue to suffocate from refugees. Tens of thousands of Syrians are fleeing from the bombing, but Turkey doesn’t let them. WSJ accuses Secretary of state Kerry for a concession by Assad, shouting: «this is what came out of Obama’s 2011 statement that Assad must go!»

«President Obama and John Kerry are lucky that Washington’s attention focused on the presidential primaries — otherwise more people would have noticed humanitarian and strategic disaster that is happening in Syria,» — says The Wall Street Journal attack the Syrian army with the support of Russia and Iran to armed groups of the opposition in Aleppo.

Last week the Geneva negotiations for a peaceful settlement have been «transferred», reminds the edition. «Kerry graciously did not insist that an immediate ceasefire was declared a precondition for starting negotiations», and Assad took advantage of this for an attack on the moderate Sunni opposition,» writes the authors.

Significantly strengthen the position for negotiation, Assad and his supporters «will be happy» to return to Geneva, the publication says. «Kerry, for which never there are concessions that he could not go, — said in the article, — has agreed to the formation of an interim government while retaining Assad of his powers. Here’s what came out of Obama’s in 2011, a public statement that Assad «must go».

The article concludes with a grim joke about the United States commitment to allocate nearly $ 1 billion for the needs of Syrian refugees, «At least, for this money you can buy more coffins».

«If Aleppo falls, the fierce war in Syria will take an entirely different turn, with far-reaching consequences not only for the region but also for Europe,» writes columnist the Guardian Natalie Nougayrede.

Antiasadovskih defeat the rebels, which are partly controlled the city since 2012, will lead to the fact that on the ground in Syria will not remain anyone except the Assad regime and Islamic state , «and all hopes for a negotiated settlement with the participation of the Syrian opposition will disappear. It was a long-standing Russian goal,» the article says.

Putin repeated the Syrian policy in Chechnya: a full-scale military offensive against the populated area to destroy or to dislodge the rebels. Assad and Putin in Chechnya, mixed all political opposition with ‘terrorism’, writes Sugared. From their point of view, in Syria there can be no settlement with the participation of the opposition.

Wanting to reassert themselves in the middle East, Putin goes even further — he is referring to Europe. The turning point was 2013, when Obama refused bombing Assad’s military bases in response to the regime’s use of chemical weapons. This has encouraged Putin to further test the resolve of the West, and he tested it in Europe. «Putin, of course, was caught off guard by the people’s uprising in the Ukrainian Maidan, but he quickly regained dominance by using force, including through territorial annexation, writes Sugared. — As a result of Russian policy in Ukraine have shaken the foundations of European security, which Putin would like to reconsider in favor of Russia».

If you start a regular Exodus of refugees to Europe, Russia will benefit. The refugee crisis contributes to the development of right-wing populist parties — allies of Moscow in confronting the European Union as a project, increases the danger of leaving the EU Britain (Moscow would be pleased with it) and greatly weakens the position of Merkel, «the architect of European sanctions against Russia,» the article says.

«Of course, says Nougayrede. — Russia is not responsible for the outbreak of the civil war in Syria and can influence everything that happens in Ukraine. But the way she cynically plays its pawns, should cause more alarm calls in the West and in the UN than now.» Putin likes to expose himself as a supporter of the order, but his policies only increased the chaos.

«Tens of thousands of people fleeing from the onslaught of Assad in the North of Syria, are afraid that they will destroy it, if Turkey won’t let them through the border, reports Hannah Lucinda Smith in The Times. — Emptied the entire city, while government troops and Russian combat aircraft to burn off the province of Aleppo in fierce attack».

«Serialdata the eyes of rebel territory near the border cannot serve as a refuge for immigrants: the front line, surrounding them from all sides, constantly compressed. To the East is ISIL. From the West — Kurdish militants. To the South the Assad regime and his entourage, consisting of loyal to the government of the [Shiite] militias — groups, which local people fear most strongly,» writes Smith.

«If the regime gets to us, he’ll probably kill us,’ says 31-year-old refugee from Tel Rifa’at of Yasser al-Lito. — We expect the political negotiations in Geneva, but instead got return fire on his head. The world gave Assad a green light to do what he wants».

The article says that the EU urges Turkey to open its borders and promises to help her. Europe agreed to pay Turkey $ 3 billion for stopping the flow of migrants to Greece.

In Syria, as in Ukraine, Russia denies involvement of its military forces in ground battles, but there is increasing evidence demonstrating the opposite, writes the correspondent of Le Monde, Benjamin Barthe.

«For the first time the Russian army confirms the presence of trainers on the battlefield, but Soviet experience shows that our «instructors» are not limited to handing out tips and it can take command of a tank», — said Russian military expert Alexander Golts.

Fighters of the Syrian free army saw Russian soldiers took part in the battles of Salma. «They are easy to learn, — said the publication of the fighter «Northern shelf» Ayman, Does. — They are whites are of a different shape and control tanks «T-90» — much more modern than the «T-55 or T-72″ Syrian army».

At the disposal of Le Monde was also a series of audio recordings made by the rebels under Hama and Aleppo, and hear Russian speech. These data are also photos in social networks.

In the magazine «news of the MIC» from 3 February a large article devoted to «first victory of the Russian instructors»: «Your successes SAA (Syrian Arab army, Assad’s forces. — Approx. ed.) the Russian military is obliged not only to the aviation brigade of special purpose, but also counselors, specialists, training staff and helps to learn the newest samples of military equipment» — quoted by Le Monde. According to the Russian edition, the Russian defense Ministry «tries not to advertise the presence of» their military specialists in Syria, but their number was increased in the fall of 2015, in order to save the Assad army, which lacks qualified personnel and carrier loss of military equipment, «which is often not compensated the «Syrian Express» — the supply of weapons to the regime in Damascus».

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InoPressa. What will happen in Syria and in Europe, if Assad and Putin will destroy the opposition? 08.02.2016

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