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The Western world is wondering over what foreign policy will choose the US President-elect Donald trump. As noted by Stern, after his victory trump has set a number of his campaign promises into question. Die Welt pessimistic about the future presidency of trump: «the New Reagan? No, trump is rather Putin«. WSJ talks about talks trump Jr. on Syria from «Russian supporters». Meanwhile, as The Times noted, «trump leads the game by criticism of Putin as head of the American diplomacy».

Donald trump promised his voters a radical change of course, and thus was elected the next President of the United States. But after his victory trump has put a number of his former statements into question. The German magazine Stern gives a list of such promises.

So, one of the campaign promises trump had to put his rival Hillary Clinton, whom he had accused of corruption, to jail. But in a recent interview with CBS trump took a conciliatory tone towards Clinton, stating that he had no desire to go against her investigation.

The second questioned the promise of trump was the abolition of gay marriage, against which the tramp had often been expressed in the past. In the same CBS interview trump said that this item is no longer important.

As a candidate, trump promised to repeal Obamacare, which he called a «catastrophe.» But in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, trump said «it could improve this reform will not be able to cancel it.»

The following Central requirement trump was «building a huge wall on the border with Mexico.» But he refused their plans. As stressed by the future head of state, the wall «will be built on the entire border».

«The New Reagan? No, trump is rather Putin» is the title of a material in the German newspaper Die Welt.

While «the whole Western world is wondering over what foreign policy will choose the next U.S. President Donald trump, there completely forget about the fate of Aleppo and other Syrian cities. But exactly what is happening now with Syria, is the answer to the question, what should we expect from trump,» writes political commentator edition Richard Hertsinger.

Trump reiterated his statement from the campaign period that the US «will not support (…) the rebels» in Syria. Now, as the journalist says, «the us government will opportunistically to endure unconscionable war against the civilian population or to openly allow (…) the systematic rape of international law.» The «international order established after 1945, will go to the dustbin of history.»

«Of course, we can hope that, as President, trump will think about it again and obey (…) the foreign policy interests of the United States. But so far nothing speaks in favor of the version about the fact that his words about Putin was just campaign rhetoric,» continues Mr. Hertsinger. Moreover, the appointment of the former General Michael Flynn, who for several years advocated an Alliance with Russia and Assad, a national security adviser emphasizes a succession of tramp turns to Moscow.

«We frequently hear today that the election of Ronald Reagan also caused great hysteria in Europe, but it all came out not so bad. But the fact is that Reagan was the opposite of what is trump,» the author concludes.

«The eldest son of Donald trump, who turned a potential envoy elected President, held private talks with diplomats, businessmen and politicians in Paris last month. The talks, according to participants of the meetings were partly devoted to finding ways of cooperation with Russia with a view to putting an end to the war in Syria,» writes Jay Solomon in an article for the Wall Street Journal.

The event was held October 11 at the Ritz Paris and was organized by French think tank. «The founder of the analytical centre of Bossar Fabien and his wife Randa kassis work closely with Russia to try to end the [Syrian] conflict,» the article says.

Cassis, who was born in Syria, is a Syrian leader of the organization, which supports the Kremlin. «In an interview with Cassis said that she convinced trump Jr. during a meeting in the importance of cooperation with the Russians in the middle East», — reports the edition.

«Cassis said in an interview that the meeting in October, she discussed with trump, Jr. the importance of supporting the secular government in Damascus. She repeated the argument, and the Assad regime and the Russian government, saying that the Syrian armed opposition — even supported by US forces, it is radical Islamists,» reports the journalist.

Cassis stated that she discussed a meeting with Donald trump Jr. with senior Russian officials. According to the Russian news Agency Interfax, Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia, said last week that Moscow was in contact with the team trump Sr. to discuss the Syrian issue.

However, precise knowledge of the future foreign policy of the elected American President yet. According to The Times, «trump leads the game by criticism of Putin as head of diplomacy.»

«The President-elect (…) doubts about its most anticipated decision: to assign MITT Romney, his most ardent critic of Republican Secretary of state, despite their sharply divergent views on how to deal with the Kremlin», — stated in the article.

«Trump, whose enthusiasm for the style of leadership of President Putin has been a constant hallmark of his campaign, spent a lot of time on this decision, as stated by his press Secretary,» writes author Ben Hoyle.

Romney, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, then was ridiculed for calling Russia the main «geopolitical foe» of America, said the journalist.

Diplomatic experience Romney, former businessman, is limited. However, he dealt with a number of world leaders, when he saved the winter Olympics in salt lake city in 2002, and could be considered a reliable «steady hand» at the state Department, the newspaper notes.

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