InoPressa. Ukrainian radicals react to advances of the West with Putin

Crimea in the darkness: the blown up power lines. Apparently, this is the work of nationalists from «Right sector» and the Crimean Tatars, provoked «suicide» the idea that Europe sacrificed the hopes of Ukrainians for the defeat of ISIS, the media are writing. Amid new fighting in Eastern Ukraine and the rise of a trade war between Moscow and Kiev there are fears that «the Russians will not miss the opportunity to unfreeze the conflict».

In the night of Sunday after blowing up the power lines in the Crimea there was a complete power outage, reports The Financial Times. «This is a vivid reminder that a year and a half after the annexation the Peninsula by Russia is in economic dependence on Ukraine,» noted the correspondent Kathrin Hille and Roman Olearchyk.

The explosion took place after the Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean Tatars blocked the power lines on the territory of Ukraine near Crimea. «They call for full economic and energy blockade of the Peninsula on the grounds that Russia pursues a Pro-Ukrainian residents,» the article says.

Late on Saturday there were clashes between protesters and «elite police commandos» who came to take power lines under protection. The unit commander Ilya Kiva said power lines «just blew up», but didn’t want to blame it on protesters.

According to the Ministry of energy of the Crimea, its own electricity and covers less than 20% of the demand during peak loads. In 2014 Russia began to plan major investments to reduce the «almost full» as the article says, the dependence of the Crimea from Ukraine. «But some projects unloaded and hobbled by Western sanctions against Crimea-even tougher than against Russia», — writes the edition.

The incident with power lines threatens new tensions against the backdrop of worsening of the fighting, which takes place this month in Eastern Ukraine, the authors note. In addition, between Kiev and Moscow trade war expands.

«In the night of Sunday, saboteurs blew up the main power line going to the Crimea. The disputed Peninsula was plunged into darkness, and the Russian government had to declare it a state of emergency,» reports Neil MacFarquhar in The New York Times.

The article presents the data of the Russian news agencies: without electricity there were more than 1.8 million Crimeans. For supplying electricity to hospitals and other vital facilities used backup generators. The Crimean government has introduced measures to save electricity: residents urged not to turn on heaters, lights off, the trolleys are replaced by buses. Set a curfew to 22:00 for restaurants and entertainment facilities.

«Unknown, presumed to be Ukrainian nationalists — disabled all four major power lines going through the territory of the Kherson area of Ukraine, — is spoken in article. — The Ukrainian authorities reported that part of the supply of electricity can be resumed in 24 hours, and all the damaged supports — for two or three days. However, according to them, an unidentified demonstrators’t let repair crews to damaged facilities. Ukrainian media convey the statement of Yuri Kasich of «Ukrenergo» (the Agency that manages the affected power supply) that on a place of accident there arrived six repair crews. Kasich refused to call the perpetrators of the problems, but said that the workers have not started the repair.»

The government of Crimea announced that existing stocks of fuel will suffice for a month of operation of the emergency generators. November 23 was declared a day off for employees of all private enterprises. The Russian black sea fleet based in Sevastopol, declared that the accident had no impact, the correspondent.

«This weekend, while Brussels was under siege in South-East Europe, reminded about the conflict that many would prefer to forget. We are talking about the conflict around the Crimea — a black sea Peninsula that previously belonged to Ukraine», — writes columnist Die Welt Sasha Lenart. In the spring of 2014, the Peninsula was annexed by Russia — agreed not all Crimeans and, of course, not all Ukrainians. «And here this weekend opponents of the Russian methods of land development has loudly declared itself,» reads the article.

Presumably electricity pylon blown up by the Ukrainian nationalists from «Right sector» and the Crimean Tatars.

Russian TV showed a violent fight in a potato field, where the Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean Tatars fought with the soldiers of the Ukrainian army. «At first glance it looks grotesque, but the underlying basis of the situation is very serious», — says Lenart. A few days ago Petro Poroshenko warned the West from creating questionable alliances with Vladimir Putin — he fears that the rapprochement which now appeared between Washington, Paris and Moscow in the shadow of global terror, «will have a negative impact on its efforts to stabilize Ukraine.»

«In the beginning of next year will decide on the extension of the sanctions, and now the staggering number of Europeans is growing rapidly,» continues the journalist. In Paris no one thinks about Crimea — the main concern there was «Islamic state» (organization banned in Russia. — Approx. ed.).

«The more Ukrainian nationalists feel that Europe has sacrificed the hopes of Ukraine for the fastest destruction of the ISIS, the more their minds will come the thought that any blow — fears the author of the article. — Russian do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this, and supposedly frozen conflict quickly thawed».

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InoPressa. Ukrainian radicals react to advances of the West with Putin 23.11.2015

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