InoPressa. Ukraine: «the coup of the oligarchs» and the evil intentions of Putin

Maidan feels betrayal: the failure of the vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Yatsenyuk as the result of backroom deals is the victory of a corrupt oligarchic elite of Ukraine, mass media. Washington says cautiously, not seeing replacement Yatsenyuk. Meanwhile, Putin has not refused the idea to build Ukraine, write Petraeus and Herbst, urging the U.S. to strengthen Ukrainian capacity to «deter adventurism by the Kremlin».

Now we know who really controls Ukraine, says Ukrainian political analyst Maxim Eristavi in an article for
Foreign Policy. «After several hours of public criticism from lawmakers in the meeting room of the Ukrainian Parliament, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk rose from her chair, visibly nervous. These were the last minutes remaining before the vote of no confidence, almost guaranteed to him and his government,» the author narrates. But then «dozens of lawmakers from several parties associated with the influential oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov, Ihor Kolomoisky and Viktor Pinchuk, suddenly left the courtroom — they were not going to vote against the government».

The majority of Ukrainians was sure that the song is sung Yatsenyuk, his popularity rating was dismal, and the international pressure to send it in resignation for a failure of suppression of large-scale corruption increased. February 16, President Petro Poroshenko himself called for the resignation of Yatsenyuk. «However, due to the maneuver, like «Game of thrones», the campaign against Yatsenyuk failed for a few minutes. A corrupt oligarchic elite of Ukraine could celebrate his latest and greatest victory over the forces of the reformers since the days of the Euromaidan revolution of 2013,» the vexed Prince.

«For too many of the current elites of the new Premier could mean a complete change of government and possibly the resumption of long-delayed reforms that would threaten their financial interests,» — says the browser.

The West may prevent the full collapse of Ukraine, said Eristavi. First, he needs all the forces to defend the remaining reformers such as Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, a corruption fighter Mustafa Nayem and Serhiy Leshchenko. While their hands are not bound, there is a chance that the country’s development will continue, writes the author.

Secondly, the West should not be bought on the cheap theatricality of «political cleansing», which now promotes the country’s ruling elite, publicly criticized Yatsenyuk and dismissing the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina.

«Resignation of these officials does not matter if it is not followed by criminal prosecution, and then reform the system — indicates Eristavi. — If pointless vanity did not stop, then the system will simply reproduce, without change, and hope another Ukrainian revolution will be betrayed».

Announcing the withdrawal from the ruling coalition of «Batkivshchyna» party leader Yulia Tymoshenko added that «the Pro-European coalition» in the Parliament never existed. «Tymoshenko told what in government camp many people think, namely that the real power in the country belongs not to Parliament, and behind-the-scenes leaders,» writes political columnist of Der Spiegel, Benjamin Bidder. The hero of the Maidan and a member of the party Poroshenko Mustafa Nayem talks about the «conspiracy of oligarchs», and his colleague in the faction Serhiy Leshchenko — «the conspiracy of the cache against the ideals».

The reason for their discontent is the failure of the vote of no confidence in Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and strange the voting behaviour of many MPs.

President Poroshenko clearly demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, accusing him of delaying reform, the rise of corruption and a low rating, reminds the author. Having described a dramatic voting process, Bidder subscribes to the view that the Ukrainian public was deceived, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk agreed behind the scenes with the oligarchs, and the voting was conducted only to create the appearance that the Parliament can on something to influence.

Caught my eye, the journalist continues, and the behavior of the opposition: most Opposition bloc had abstained from voting and thus supported Yatsenyuk.

Former President of Georgia, the Governor of Odessa region and an outspoken critic of Premier Yatsenyuk Mikheil Saakashvili calls it «the coup of the oligarchs», the article says.

In General, in the last few months in the ruling coalition of Ukraine is observed the disorder: close associates Yatsenyuk accused of corruption, the government is in a difficult situation, about 70% of Ukrainians believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. President Poroshenko is also under pressure, with 2014 its popularity has halved, the article says.

Washington a vote in Parliament says gently. John Herbst, former U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, welcomed the failure of the vote of no confidence: according to him, in addition to Yanukovych, there is no other candidate that is acceptable to reformers and abroad, and in the current Ukrainian coalition.

In recent weeks the separatists of Donetsk and Luhansk, supported by Russia, have dramatically increased the attack, writing in an article for The Wall Street Journal former CIA Director, retired General David Petraeus and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and Uzbekistan John Herbst. «This is a harsh reminder that President Putin did not abandon their ideas about Eastern Ukraine,» the article says.

The authors recommend that the US and its allies in NATO to strengthen Ukrainian capabilities «to deter adventurism by the Kremlin» and make clear to Russia that the payoff for adventurism will be huge. «The first step is to give the Ukrainian forces more effective defensive arms», — stated in the article.

Petraeus and Herbst admit any array of Western military equipment will not help Ukraine to defeat Russia in battle. «But right choice of technique can greatly increase the price of this fight for Russia, and Russia is not able to endlessly endure military and economic losses,» say the authors.

According to the authors, Ukraine urgently needs portable anti-tank weapons and counter-mortar radars. It is also useful to modern drones and a reliable system of communication and control. «None of it can be attributed to the weapons of offensive nature,» the authors say.

«Belligerent actions of Russia in Ukraine concern not only Ukraine. Strengthening of the power of Kiev is a chance for the West to reaffirm the commitment to the rules and principles prevailing in Europe after the cold war, in particular the fact that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States should not be violated, and conflicts should be resolved not by force of arms. Conversely, the lack of appropriate response will be to Russia, most likely, an invitation to a new aggression in Eastern Ukraine and not only there,» concluded Petraeus and Herbst.

Spanish El Pais publishes an interview with Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. He believes that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine requires a new approach — in addition to the talks under the auspices of the OSCE in Minsk.

Medvedchuk is considered to be a direct «messenger», which provides communication between presidents Putin and Poroshenko, writes journalist Pilar boner. Medvedchuk is a member of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks in Minsk, where he is responsible for the release of prisoners and «are able to ensure that it listened to the sides by the Russians and separatists».

Medvedchuk said in an interview: «People who came to power thanks to the «revolution of dignity», are not in the interests of the entire population of Ukraine, where there remains many supporters of friendship with Russia, although their number has decreased».

About the growing discontent in the Ukrainian society Medvedchuk said that «it is not about change of leadership, and about the correction of erroneous current course» Ukraine, which «is not ready for the Association agreement and on free trade with the EU».

«If the Minsk agreement is impossible to perform, then it is necessary to adopt a spirit of Minsk, and I believe that there are options for organizing a peaceful coexistence of the buffer, with the interim government [in samoprovzglashenny people’s republics in the East of the country, which does not recognize Kiev authorities], which is acceptable to all,» said the source.

Medvedchuk is a proponent of a Federal model for Ukraine. He advocated an Association with Russia, although this view is unpopular in Ukraine, the author notes.


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