InoPressa. Trump turned on «defrost», but doesn’t want to seem weak

The media are trying to understand how to evaluate each other after talking on the phone «the great disturber of world order,» Donald trump , and Vladimir Putin, «which was created out of anti-Americanism is the main driving force of its legitimacy and national mobilization.» How to behave on these «political alpha males», committed to the nationalism and obsessed with their own ratings?

«On Saturday, Donald trump held a series of telephone conversations with world leaders, including Russian President, — the correspondent of The Financial Times. — According to the Kremlin, the presidents plan to meet soon to discuss the «joining forces» in light of the Syrian conflict and «partnership» in solving the world’s problems.

The white house did not mention the possibility of meeting with Putin, however, called the conversation «positive». Merkel and Abe received an invitation in the U.S., the newspaper reports.

The statements of the Kremlin and the White house had no mention of a possible easing of us sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukrainian conflict. «In the description of this telephone conversation, both sides noted that under the Obama administration, the tone of relations between Russia and the USA were others,» the article says.

Explorer Bild Simon schütz notices that during the conversation with Putin’s official show footage of trump’s surrounded by a whole team of advisers: he was attended by chief of staff of the White house Pribus Raines, Vice-President Mike Pence, press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, as well as Advisor on security issues , Michael Flynn , and chief adviser to trump Stephen Bannon.

At the same time during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the only one who sat next to trump, Councilman Flynn. «Perhaps trump the conversation with Merkel was estimated as less important and potentially less confrontational than Putin. In conversation with Putin could occur such controversial topics as the war in Ukraine», — said the author.

«During the first conversation trump Putin, the two leaders seem to have not discussed a topic that occupies many minds in Russia, Europe and the United States: sanctions against Russia», — writes the correspondent

InoPressa. Trump turned on «defrost», but doesn’t want to seem weak 30.01.2017

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