InoPressa. Trump is not to Ukraine, but sanctions no one will cancel

Europe is not happy about punishing Russia for its actions in Ukraine by means of economic measures, chosen in America, President sympathetic to Moscow and it is not clear how to apply to the Kiev, but the US and the EU to agree to extend sanctions, as the «Minsk-2» are not met, the media write. «The agreement was even supported Renzi», emphasizes FT. Poroshenko on Thursday in Brussels will urge Europe to argue against a possible change in approach by Washington.

«On Friday, President Barack Obama and EU leaders agreed to keep in force the economic sanctions imposed on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine. This demonstration of TRANS-Atlantic unity took place during the farewell visit of the leader of the United States to Europe,» reports The Financial Times.

At the informal summit in Berlin, which was conducted by Angela Merkel, was dispelled suggestions that the sanctions could be eased as the US President-elect Donald trump expressed sympathy for Moscow.

Six heads of state decided that the sanctions must remain in place as long as the Minsk peace agreement, reached in 2015, will not be implemented. «The situation in Ukraine has not improved… in Minsk there is noticeable progress,» said Merkel.

«This step will enable the European Council, establishing the political priorities of the EU to extend sanctions for another six months. Reached Friday, the agreement was supported Renzi, earlier expressed doubts about the sanctions regime,» — said in the article.

«The hesitation of Europe about the renewal of economic sanctions against Russia, combined with the fact that the US President-elect is thinking about the warming of relations with the Kremlin, along it should mean an end to the punishment for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, isn’t it? No, not so, say insiders from the EU,» writes Bloomberg.

«The future of sanctions bloc against Russia will depend on the summit EU — Ukraine in Brussels on 24 November,» writes author Jonathan Stearns.

The term of the sanctions expires on 31 January, but EU governments are likely to extend these measures for a further six months, as a basic condition for their withdrawal — full compliance with the Treaty aimed at ending the war in Ukraine — has yet to be implemented, said five European officials who spoke to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity. The sixth official has ruled out any other scenario.

Growing awareness of the European capitals about Russia’s disinformation, funding foreign political parties and military threats have ensured the support is not particularly active EU governments, according to one source. This was a more thorough Russia’s intervention in the Syrian war on the side of Assad.

Since there is political consensus possible, the question of extension of sanctions will not even stand in the agenda of the next meeting of EU leaders on December 15-16, do not rule out sources.

«Ukraine wants EU leaders called on Donald trump to keep the US sanctions imposed against Russia», — said Arthur Beasley in The Financial Times. Poroshenko arrives in Brussels on Thursday to discuss providing Ukraine with 600 million euros, the scheme of abolition of the visa regime for Ukrainians and trade and defence deal between Kiev and the EU, was under threat because she opposed the Netherlands, the article says.

The author recalls that last week European leaders and President Obama agreed to extend sanctions. However, the uncertainty in position of the trump in Ukraine makes one wonder whether American sanctions are weakened or abolished after his inauguration in January.

During talks with European Council President Tusk, Poroshenko urge Europe to protest against changing the Washington approach.

«This is our message to the Europeans, and I think that we will inform, — said FT Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU Nikolay Tochitskii. — Sanctions were imposed over the annexation of Crimea and the military actions of the Russian Federation in the Donbas. Nothing has changed. The illegal annexation continues as a fact».

Another senior European official said that Kiev needs further gestures of support from the EU. «The Ukrainians are now even stronger than we are, shudder at the thought of where American policy, and it is important to send some good news», he said.

The Minister of Moscow government, head of the Department for external economic and international relations of Moscow Sergey Cheremin said in an interview with Kurier that «sanctions cause damage to both Russia and the EU. Trade turnover with EU countries in 2013 was reduced by 50-60%. However, the gaps that emerged after the withdrawal of European companies, quickly filled in the capital of the Chinese and Korean companies.»

«If at first the sanctions were a cold shower, as many have lost their jobs — then eventually we were forced to use their own resources, said Cheremin. — Today, Western investors are on hand because of the fall of the ruble has significantly decreased the cost of rent and electricity and personnel costs. These attractive conditions for investors make us competitive.»

Answering the question about prospects of Russian-American relations after the change in the White house, the official Moscow expressed the opinion that «the trump will build a pragmatic relationship with Russia. For Europe may occur critical situation. If relations between the US and Russia will improve, and the EU will continue to insist on anti-Russian sanctions, Europe will face isolation. We hope to maintain the partnership with the EU.»


InoPressa. Trump is not to Ukraine, but sanctions no one will cancel 21.11.2016

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