InoPressa. Trump «in the trap of suspicion» — who will win?

Unproven, but a dangerous mix of sexual promiscuity and grounds for blackmail by the Russian security services may deter from trump its support of the voters and thwart his plans for rapprochement with Moscow, believe media. The Kremlin does not shy away from the use of compromising, which makes the scandal of the trump success for Moscow: it is better to be considered a villain than a loser, writes Die Zeit.

Incriminating material on future US President Donald trump may be misinformation or disclosure of information, «but that allegedly collected a former agent of British intelligence about trump for their customers, could potentially plunge US into a state crisis or become another episode in the history of samodelkina the United States,» writes the correspondent of the Suddeutsche Zeitung, Stefan Kornelius.

Why is it necessary to treat seriously this dossier with unofficial data? Because seriously it is treated by U.S. intelligence agencies, responsible journalist. «Of course, there is a possibility that they resort to unusual means in order that at the last moment not to give the «destroyer of systems» Trump to work,» admits the journalist.

«Whatever it was, but a dangerous mix of sexual promiscuity and the reasons for the blackmail trump the Russian intelligence services can frighten off even those voters who used to forgive their idol any sins and boasting, — the author continues. — These voters — the only basis of the power of the trump.» He has virtually no allies neither in political establishment, nor in government agencies or in business.

«Trump destroyed their opponents dishonest ways, and is now against it will apply all possible «instruments of torture,» writes Cornelius. — From the collective memory has not erased a blatant attempt impeachment of bill Clinton scandal with Monica Lewinsky. So Trump should not expect mercy».

«Charges that hit trump, whether true, or false, will significantly complicate the implementation of its plans for reconciliation with Russia,» — draws the attention of the journalist of Le Temps Etienne Dubois.

«The trap is sprung. Was elected American President assisted by the Kremlin during his election campaign, as the CIA report confirmed the FBI? Whether he was guilty of shameful actions during trips to Moscow, which will make him vulnerable to blackmail, as claimed by the memoranda of the British consultant Christopher Steele? Whatever it was, in the minds of Americans is being implemented gradually suspicion», the author writes, and it «will cause devastating consequences.»

Trump was saying during the election campaign that he wanted to restore good relations between the US and Russia, and «radical change of course, undoubtedly, would allow him to wrest concessions from Vladimir Putin«, the article says.

«In recent years in the international arena, the Kremlin has shown itself to be too aggressive, says Dubois. — But do not have to sell out to Putin in order to consider that the US itself has gone too far, trying to change the status quo in the region without discussion with Russia, and to see that today the US would gain the advantage, both economically and politically if he renewed good relations in Moscow».

«Allegations should not prevent the President to implement the program on the basis of which he was elected, says Dubois. Even if this program includes an attempt of reconciliation with Russia, which strongly contradicts someone’s interests».

«No one looked confused, absurd press conference trump on Wednesday can claim to have an understanding of what it means for a reset in relations with Russia, says Philip Stephens in The Financial Times. He still insists that he wants to get along with Putin. But then adds that they can argue. Yes, the Kremlin is likely responsible for the hacking of the National Committee of the US Democratic party, but rather the infamous leak of us intelligence. Good relations with Moscow can help to fight ISIS. But no, he will not cancel the latest sanctions Obama.»

On the contrary, «Putin’s goal is crystal clear,» says the author. «Putin wants the acquiescence of the West to Russian revanchism in Ukraine and the merciless bombing of civilians in order to strengthen the regime in Syria. He is interested in the lifting of economic sanctions. Finally, he wants US eventually withdrew from commitment to the defence of Europe, and Russia had established spheres of influence in the former Soviet Union.»

«These ambitions sound fantastic, but the public statements of trump’s (…) Putin opened a loophole,» says the journalist. «Putin’s world is the world of trump, a world in which narrow national interests override the international rules and norms, weaker countries to submit to the will of the powerful», — says the article.

«And who knows what trump will do when I get in the White house. Dangerous times, to put it mildly,» summarizes Stevens.

Columnist for Spain’s El Pais John Carlin presents evidence of an unnamed retired British intelligence officers. We are talking about a former employee of MI-6 Christopher Style and compiled a dossier on the alleged exploits of Donald trump in the company of Russians and Russians.

According to another former employee of MI-6, whom the journalists spoke Thursday in London, «Chris» in the 1990s, worked «in the residency in Moscow», and after his return to London his main responsibility was the analysis of secret information about Russia, produced by his successors. Colleagues respected him more for talent Analytics than a «field agent.

Source «does not doubt that the information extracted Steele about the alleged sexual adventures of a tramp during several trips to Moscow and that is more serious about his alleged secret relations with the Kremlin, were obtained from «quality sources». But this does not mean that it is true even in part. The Russian government headed by Putin is lying, because that is its nature; it lies even, «his», said the former spy.»

«But that’s the truth, — said the ex-spy, is the content of claims about trump in harmony with the actions of the Russian special services». «Luxury hotel, where he lived trump is a TV Studio,» said the ex-spy only partly in jest. «There is no doubt that trump most likely was one of the objects of surveillance of the FSB, he said. And this can have terrible consequences, because in a few days, trump will keep his finger on the nuclear button.»

The scandal around the alleged frivolous entertainment Donald trump in Russia exposes the Kremlin and Russian special services in the best light. Nevertheless, for them it is a welcome gift, says columnist for Die Zeit Maxim Kireev.

Over the past two years Moscow has achieved a lot. In March 2014, US President Barack Obama called Russia a regional power — Russia’s President Vladimir Putin then reiterated that it attaches no importance to this statement.

Information about the fact that Moscow seems to have dirt on the billionaire and future US President trump, makes these days the whole world talking about Russia. «What else better can emphasize the status of Russia as world power?» — ironically the author.

«Of course it’s a compliment to our services and evidence that Russia’s prestige is growing in the world,» says Nikolai Kovalev, former head of the FSB. 20 years ago his post was replaced by Vladimir Putin. But, of course, emphasizes Kovalev, no materials on trump no. It’s not Russian methods.

«Actually, Kovalev is a little disingenuous. It is the story of dirt helped his successor the FSB to strive up the career ladder. In the spring of 1999, then-Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov was investigating corruption cases, traces of which lasted down to the nearest environment of Yeltsin. And then suddenly appears video: man in the company of two women’s faces are seen. For the head of FSB Putin, it was clear that the man — Skuratov, women prostitutes. Soon Skuratov loses his job, Putin becomes Prime Minister and then Yeltsin’s successor. This was followed by a series of scandals: the Pro-Kremlin media showed videos of a sexual nature with the opposition in the lead roles, the others, the journalists used cocaine; in the public domain and getting the phone records of the critics of Putin,» says Kireyev.

It does not mean that information about the presence of the Kremlin of dirt on trump’s true, but «the fact that the Kremlin does not shy away from such methods, makes the current scandal surrounding trump success for Moscow», — said the journalist.

«Many in Moscow did not seem too saddened by the role of the villain, — says Kira. — For many Russian is not a problem that Putin’s people are doing something impermissible, as long as it suited their own interests».

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