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What is the stress of American democracy, if the government gets into unreliable hands? US intelligence agencies are not enthusiastic about desires trump «something to write on Twitter» but assure their «viability». And what will result in a «new vision» trump for the world? Beijing has rushed to defend globalization and free trade, the EU has sounded the alarm from-for attacks of trump and its slogan «America first!», Putin waits, the media write.

«Europe is a little bit encouraged by what we heard from the President trump in his inaugural speech? Unlikely,» writes in an article for the Washington Post, former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt.

«America first!», — quoted trump Bildt. — Europe is all too familiar with this story. For centuries, every European country has set itself in the first place (…) and many centuries of European history consisted of this carnage and catastrophes.»

«The second point: the civilized world», — the politician continues. «Long as I can remember, the concept of freedom was the key» to America, writes Bildt. But in a speech trump freedom was mentioned briefly and only in the political context. But he promised to unite the whole «civilized world» to be wiped off the face of the earth Islamist terrorism.

Trump casts «freedom», preferring «civilization,» and what does that mean? It’s just a way to include Russia into the family? — asks Bildt.

The third thing is economic protectionism. «We need to protect our borders from the ravages of other countries that manufacture our goods, stealing our companies, destroying our jobs,» said trump.

Trump’s statement translates as «don’t buy European,» and, according to Bildt, the answer is all throughout Europe you will hear the call: «do Not buy American!»»The most integrated, the most innovative and productive economic relationship in the world is under threat of destruction», the author is afraid.

«Each of these issues is distressing and disturbing in itself. Together they vzaimousilivat. In this case the risks are growing,» says Bildt, in conclusion, expressed the hope that the inaugural speech trump is still «the end of the presidential race, not the beginning of the work of the administration.»

«If trump well thought about what he said in the past few days, (…) it relies on the further division of Europe,» — said in an interview with La Stampa, former Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi, commenting, in particular, criticism of Germany. «The EU did not respond to trump statements that have marked a revolution in the relations with the European Union», whereas we need «urgent action», including sanctions against Russia, «rapid counterattack».

In what sense is «counter»? — asked the correspondent. «In the sense that it is necessary to immediately lift the sanctions against Russia», — said the former Prime Minister. «We need to play the lead, not allowing US to occupy a privileged position in relations with Russia», — said Prodi.

An Italian politician said: «If the line trump NATO confirmed, you will need to immediately prepare a joint project of the European defense».

Commenting on protectionist economic policy, announced the new US President, Prodi said: «If just to understand what trump says, the effect will be devastating,» but «to establish a purely protectionist policy, for example, against China, so to think unrealistic.» «I think and hope that trump will be more careful,» said Prodi.

«A senior Senator from the Democratic party USA, said in a television interview on Sunday that he plans to propose a bill that would give Congress the opportunity to influence the intention of the President trump to reduce sanctions against Russia,» — reports The Washington Post.

In the future the fate of world politics will be many to define three policies: Vladimir Putin, XI Jinping and Donald trump, wrote in Die Zeit, the expert of the German Foundation for science and politics , Hanns V. Maull, and these leaders «are ready without a shadow of a doubt to change the international rules and to alter existing values.»

«With the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA launched a giant social experiment — the large-scale in this Millennium. The test for stability will be the existing political order,» says the expert.

The first time «relates to the stress of American democracy, provided a serious concentration of power in the wrong hands». Among other things, «the new President can use all the levers for further expansion of its authority,» does not exclude the author.

Second, the stress the universe continues Maull. «Along with the United States, the influential actors are Russia and China», and these countries are now headed by «politicians, struggling to stand in the role of autocratic rulers.» «The future of the international order, not least to decide on the background interaction or differences of these three powers, as well as personal connections to these three influential politicians», — says the expert.

«All three have made clear, that without a doubt sweep aside all existing rules and values, if they will prevent the realization of their interests. President Putin demonstrated this on the example of the annexation of Crimea and invasion of Eastern Ukraine. Head of China — making contrary to international law territorial claims and demonstrating military aggression in the South China sea; and the President of trump making statements about the disclaimer that took over America» — continues the analyst.

«What the outcome of this experiment, today, is not known. It is hoped that it will not be based on the method of trial and error,» concludes Maull.

«If post-war international order collapses, then what will keep this «new Millennium», announced by trump?» — asks columnist for Le Monde, Sylvia Kaufman.

«Taranovskoe «new «vision.» According to the President of the United States «today America first.» She needs to «protect» their borders, their plants, their jobs. The rest of the world becomes secondary. Traditional allies are also secondary: they too abused the generosity of the United States. Kaufman comments: «the End of globalization? There are few experts who believe in it, so the world integrated into a single system, a country with a developing market dependent».

«XI Jinping — the master of the world? Not really. Becoming the world’s second largest economy, China has already reached maturity, but has not yet overcome the break — up of voices,» writes the journalist. However, at the world economic forum in Davos, January 17, «the Chinese President even pushed the Americans holding to teach them at their own game: today Beijing defends globalization and free trade and the fight against climate change,» the article says.

«Russia is trapped. Vladimir Putin, in power for 17 years, won the bet — back Russia back into the center of the international game. Like all American presidents in the beginning of the mandate, Donald trump wants to resume relations with Russia. But he does it differently than others: Putin praises and systematically protects him from criticism. The head of the Kremlin is in no hurry; he knows that in Washington there are deep differences in views on Russia, even with a new President,» — said Kaufman.

«Europe is crying out for help. The EU has to cope not only with «Broksita» — he became the target of Russian attempts to destabilize and verbal attacks from trump, the article says.

«Ukraine and the sanctions remain a major problem in relations between Russia and the EU», — said the author.

«This year’s elections should take place in the Netherlands, in France and in Germany, and they can change the course of Europe. A special role is played by the French elections; as one European official: if France in may to elect a Pro-European President, it drags the Germans and the Franco-German engine will be re-launched,» reports Kaufman.

«The sporadic recordings trump on Twitter and rumors circulating about relations with Russia has alarmed the international intelligence community,» writes Charlie wood, correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor. Many analysts are concerned about how the intelligence community in the country and abroad will react to the impulses of the new leader will certainly have something to write on Twitter.

«I think that the world is now watching what trump says, and listen very carefully, said John Brennan, the CIA Director during the administration of Obama. — If he has no confidence in the intelligence community, what signal this sends to our partners and allies and our adversaries?»

While established conventions on the exchange of intelligence, for example, the agreement with the UK, not easy to break, USA depend on many agencies around the world to enhance their access to information. If a partner organization decides that cooperation is not in their interests, U.S. intelligence can detect that some information flows dry up, the author notes.

«In the intelligence world information is power, and like toothpaste, it is impossible «to return back in the tube». Trump has demonstrated a willingness to attack the alleged critics on Twitter, and such attacks can have serious consequences if they are aimed at a foreign audience and backed by secret information,» the article says.

Will have a negative impact trump statements in the spirit of «America first» on cooperation in the sphere of intelligence? Ex-CIA Director Michael Morrell expressed confidence in the resilience apparatus: «No. Relations in the field of intelligence is not affected. They will continue and will remain intact regardless of what happens in politics.»

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