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The decision of the American President to deny entry to USA citizens of the seven predominantly Muslim countries has caused outrage by governments around the world, even the diplomats of the state Department condemn the ban on the entry of Muslims, and only the Kremlin said: «It is not our business.» Looks like Putin is preparing the ground for a personal meeting with trump, the media write. Despite the «warming», the United States to deploy troops in Eastern Europe.

More than 100 employees of the US state Department reported that in the next few days ready to sign a Memorandum of disagreement with the measure introduced by President trump, reports The New York Times. In the draft Memorandum stated that the ban on the entry of nationals from seven countries and the suspension of the redeployment of Syrian refugees indefinitely would be «counter-productive» from the point of view of the stated purpose of enhancing national security.

«This prohibition is contrary to core American and constitutional values that we as Federal employees have pledged to protect,» says the document which also warns that this change in US legislation may cause the deterioration of relations with America, all Muslims of the world.

In addition, this prohibition will cause the exclusion of key U.S. allies in the middle East and America may lose access to the «intelligence and resources to combat the root causes of terror abroad before the attacks happened inside the country,» the diplomats warned.

«The decision of the American President to deny entry to USA citizens of the seven predominantly Muslim countries has led to confusion of airport employees and aroused the indignation of the governments around the world,» writes Damien Sharkov in an article for Newsweek.

Foreign Minister of Britain , Boris Johnson , called the ban «divisive and wrong», German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the policy «is contrary to the basic idea of international assistance to refugees and international cooperation», and the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault said that «terrorism has no nationality» and «discrimination is not the answer».

However, the «leadership of the country in which interests, according to critics of trump, operates largely in his administration, expressively kept silent,» notes the author. «It’s not our business», — said the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov.

According to Alexei Malashenko, a Russian expert on Islam at the Carnegie Moscow center, Putin’s regime depends on allies-the Muslims within the country and abroad, which may explain his silence. He recalled that in Russia there are such major Muslim regions such as Tatarstan and Chechnya, among its partners in Central Asia is predominantly Islamic countries, and «don’t forget about the situation in the middle East, where Russia is trying to play a leading role.»

As said Malashenko, Putin is now actively build relationships with trump, which could result in the lifting of sanctions against Russia, so he prefers not to criticize.

Columnist for the Swiss newspaper Le Temps Francois Nordman analyzes what conditions are necessary for the success of a personal meeting of the Russian and American presidents.

President, trump announced they wish to talk face to face with President Putin — he would offer him the lifting of sanctions in exchange for steps on nuclear disarmament. The Russian Minister of foreign Affairs has already rejected a similar equation, the article says.

«The Western allies view the prospect of a «deal» between the U.S. and Russia with alarming confusion because the strategic interests of Europe will be sacrificed if the convergence will occur according to the generalized language contained «a major fan of Twitter,» writes columnist.

However, in Europe intensified the debate about strategy towards Russia.

Meeting trump-Putin — why not? — discussed by leading members of the International Institute for strategic studies (London) , Samuel Sharap and Timothy George.Colton. They emphasize that the meeting should be carefully prepared by the West and to include innovative proposals that help to mitigate the obstacles created by the «game as a whole negative, destructive and leading to nowhere.»

«These two authors write that Moscow had accepted the extension of such Western organizations as NATO and the EU, as long as it did not affect territories adjacent to Russia — reports Nordman. — They suggest to go beyond the notions of spheres of influence, to recognize that the contested countries such as Ukraine or Georgia, shall be entitled in his own way to establish relations with the EU and the EAEU».

«In search of new collective agreements conflict regions needs to become neutral zones of economic, social and humanitarian development,» the article says.

«These are major trends that could justify the resumption of a substantive dialogue between the United States and the Russian Federation and to admit the sanctions are outdated,» says Nordman, but expresses doubts about the flexibility of the trump.

A long-planned major deployment of tanks and other heavy equipment, which will be held this week in countries bordering Russia, had a disturbing moment for us-European relations: trump questioned old alliances and strives to build bridges with the Kremlin, writes the Washington Post correspondent Michael Birnbaum.

NATO leaders admit that if trump will refuse to deploy U.S. troops in Eastern Europe, it will be a shock to the Alliance.

Bernbom believes that there is a rare discrepancy between the statements of the President of the United States — Donald trump — and most of the establishment of the armed forces of the United States.

«This is a Russian invasion of Ukraine and illegal annexation of Crimea» has forced the United States to the deployment of troops, said Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, commander of U.S. ground forces in Europe. «Three years ago, the last American tank was taken out of Europe, because we were all hoping that Russia will become our partner. And so we had to return everything back,» he added.

The majority of European politicians, diplomats and security personnel does not believe that trump will cancel the stationing of the US troops in Eastern Europe. But, if he so decides, «all run to hide, says former senior NATO Fabrice pottier. — As a result, Europe will become more fragmented, more volatile. Lose the US and the Europeans.»

In the exercises, which took place on Monday in Poland, «participated the Third armored combat brigade of the Fourth infantry division, USA, arrived in January in Germany with 87 M1A1 Abrams tanks, 20 artillery systems Paladin and 136 Bradley armored vehicles,» — said in the article.

The author observes that Polish tanks and guns, who also participated in the exercises, it was easy to distinguish from the us: the first painted with green paint, and the second in the color «desert sand». But, wherever the blowing of the «wind of change» in Washington, the U.S. army seems to have plans of a long-term reorientation to Europe.

«I asked the army to send green paint,» said Hodges.

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