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In the Ukraine again went to the big guns, and the people of the Town «remained without light, water and heat at -18». Poroshenko has made it clear whether they evacuated, but expressed his indignation, as «someone dares to speak about lifting sanctions». The media are trying to link the escalation of fighting with the «disappointment» of Putin from a conversation with trump, the meeting Poroshenko with Merkel, a meeting of the contact group in Minsk on 1 February.

«Could it be a coincidence that Russian-backed forces in the Ukraine started the most powerful in a few months the offensive a day after Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone with President trump? Somehow we doubt it,» — wrote in an editorial journalists of The Washington Post.

The issue of lifting sanctions against Russia was never solved. Perhaps frustrated Putin felt the need to exert some pressure, the authors write, or wanted to disrupt the meeting of Ukrainian President with German Chancellor Angela Merkel scheduled for Monday.

«Anyway, the Russian artillery suddenly opened fire on Sunday in the area of the Kiev-controlled Avdiivka, North of Donetsk, the separatist. The fire soon spread to the South, to Mariupol — the stronghold of the government on the Azov sea coast», — is spoken in article. The journalists add that while «Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been inundated with threatening text messages», seeing in it the handwriting of the Kremlin.

Some economic progress of Ukraine is not in Putin’s interests, continue to journalists. New combat actions threaten the economic and institutional reforms that are slowly but go to Ukraine. Another goal of Putin may be the pushing trump to not just lift the sanctions, but also recognize the sphere of influence of Russia, including the Ukraine. In exchange for what?

Cooperation with Russia in the fight against «Islamic state», the publication said pseudogamy as «U.S.-Russian cooperation was the main goal of Putin.» «If trump would agree to this, that Putin will achieve the third goal of reducing the global influence of the United States in the interests of Russia,» say the authors.

«The war in the Ukraine, quietly smoldering for months, flared in the deadly round of fighting in the last days,» writes Andrew Kramer in The New York Times. It is «potentially complicating U.S. efforts to improve relations with Russia.» As recalled by the journalist, «the U.S. army helps with the training and equipment of Ukrainian soldiers.»

These days «the parties fought for control over the territories of the so-called gray zone,» and «the Ukrainian army in at least two places have moved forward.» According to the Ukrainian military, it was made to repel the attacks of the separatists, writes Kramer.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement calling on Western governments to a diplomatic intervention. The humanitarian situation in the area of Avdeevka continues to deteriorate and the authorities are preparing to evacuate the 16-strong population of the city, according to Kyiv.

«The separatist government «LNR» and «DNR» — republics are not recognized by the international community, issued a joint statement addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump, which also calls for a diplomatic solution», — is spoken further.

«The maneuvers of the administration of the trump, to improve relations with Russia, alarmed Ukrainian officials, who fear the decline of Western pressure on Russia in order to achieve her withdrawal from the Eastern Ukraine by Russian military forces, whose presence she did not recognize,» concludes the author.

«The small frontline town of Avdiivka has become the new center of consolidation of the Ukrainian conflict, which has lasted for 32 months, resulted in 10 thousand of the victims remains unresolved despite the Minsk agreement of the world. Avdeevka residents were left without electricity and water, despite the fact that the cold reaches minus 18 degrees Celsius; preparing the evacuation of the population,» writes a correspondent of Le Figaro in Moscow, Pierre avril.

«The scenario of a resumption of hostilities is causing a feeling of deja vu: it occurs on the eve of the meeting scheduled for 1 February in the Belarusian capital the main warring parties. One gets the impression that they wanted to show their strength, before sitting down at the negotiating table,» writes the author.

«The apparent desire of the new American President to bond with Vladimir Putin, the reference to the lifting of sanctions, as well as his constant criticism of the European Union are of concern to the Ukrainian authorities, who fear to be abandoned by Washington,» says avril.

«The Ukrainian authorities are considering the evacuation of thousands of residents of the strategically important front-line of the city, located just North of Donetsk. The two-day outbreak of fighting led to the failure of power supply systems, water and heating — in the cold,» reports Roman Olearchyk in

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